TyreWatcher X2 Caravan TPMS – 6 to 12 Wireless Sensors


Tyre Watcher X2 (Version 3) is our tyre monitoring sensor system designed to monitor your vehicle & caravan tyre pressures and temperatures. It can have up to 12 sensors connected, so you can use it on a range on single or dual axle caravans and monitor spares or airbags. Also, simple to install with external wheel sensors that screw onto the tyres valves with locking nuts to prevent theft. (We also have internal Sensors)

The display unit is designed to be placed on your dash or windscreen, so it is easy to read and is also solar-powered. Allowing it to be constantly charging and not need any external cables keeping your dash clutter-free.

A great system to ensure your tyre pressure matches the temperature & road conditions and you do not get caught out with a slow leak or overinflated tyres causing blowouts. Quality unit built using a German manufactured chip to ensure reliable and accurate readings. Up to 12 external sensors with copper cores make these tough and waterproof – built to last in Australian conditions.

  • Range up to 15m. (Repeater May Be needed on some setups)*
  • Improve your fuel economy with correct pressures
  • Ensure you catch any tyres issues early
  • Up to 12 Tyre Sensors
  • Can handle up to 185PSI tyre pressure (Small Sensors 99PSI)
  • Reduce your tyre wear
  • Easy to read display with backlight for nighttime
  • Solar-powered display with a built-in battery so no cables
  • Leak and temperature alarms
  • Updatable software that is constantly being improved
  • Connects to a phone app. (Coming Soon)
  • 2-year battery life on external wheel sensors*
  • A repeater is available if needed*
  • 24 Month Warranty (Not on Batteries)
  • Australian support

IMPORTANT: See product limitations below BEFORE purchase.

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4 Small 4 Large = 8 Sensors
12v battery monitor bluetooth wireless a
12V Battery Monitor Bluetooth Wireless
Normal Batteries
TyreWatcher X2 Repeater
Total: $340.00

First Time Setup Video

What Kit Do You Need

Video Guide

What the Screen Display Means

Caravan TPMS is a Great setup for a vehicle and caravan or trailer, providing 6 to 12 external or internal wheel sensors with live pressure and temperature monitoring. It is easy to install, and the system turns off and on automatically as the sensors are activated by movement. You can also choose bar or PSI as your setting to choose the unit of measure you prefer. Ensure you know what your tyre pressures are doing!

What Sensor setup do I need?

The options above give the kits that can contain large or small sensors. These two sensors differ in size, range and max pressure. So, typically, most people will run the small sensors on their vehicle and the larger ones on the caravan.

Live Data:

The tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) monitors tyre pressure/temperature status in real-time, which will transmit data to the screen on your dash and has an alarm and flashing warning icon if there is a problem. You can set the high and low alarm pressures between 2PSI – and 189PSI. So, for example, if you have the low-pressure alarm set at 30PSI when a tyre reaches this pressure, the unit will beep and flash to warn you. The same goes for the high-pressure alarm. In addition, there is also an alarm if the tyre increases or decreases in pressure too quickly, so you will be warned of slow leaks, etc.

Quick Disconnect: 

Pressing a button lets you turn off the rear sensors you will have on your caravan, so you can turn these off when you drop off the van. And keep using the system to monitor the vehicle’s tyre pressures.

Wide Application:

This system is suitable for any vehicle and caravan where six to 12 tyres need to be monitored, with the maximum pressure of the tyre being 189psi (Large Sensor). You have a wide range to set your low and high pressure alarms, which is easy. Also, you can set the temperature alarm to get a warning if it reaches this level. This can be great to warn you of bearing problems or other issues that cause increased temperature.

Long Range*: 

Extended wireless range up to 15m, so no problem if you need to use them on a longer vehicle or on the wheels of your caravan or trailer you are towing. With this range, you can be confident that you will get accurate readings to the display on your dash. So that’s 15m from your dash to your wheels, covering most setups. In the case of getting dropped out, we also have a repeater you can add. It’s best to test it first, as there are some reasons why a repeater may be needed.

*Some Caravan/Trailer setups may need a repeater. This all depends on your set-up (length, obstacles, etc.). If you are experiencing sensor drop-outs on a Caravan/Trailer set-up (even if within operating range) with this unit, then a repeater may be necessary. The performance of this unit is subjective on Caravan/Trailer set-ups. It may work on some and not on others. 

Digital display:

LCD screen that sticks to your dash or windscreen comes with sticking pads so you can choose where you want to put your system so that it is easy to read. Bright backlight and easy-to-read numbers allow you to see the status of your tyres easily during the day and night. Also, being solar-powered means there are no cables to fuss with.

LCD Screen Charging Guide: Please charge for the first few days via USB, using a power charger with a power output of more than 9V and 2amps. 

Power supply: Solar charging so you can stick it and forget it. It has a built-in battery, so if you do not see any sun for a few days, that is not a problem. Also, it turns off when there has been no movement from the wheels, so there is no problem when stored in a garage or under cover. The battery life will depend on the driving and the amount of sun, sometimes requiring cable recharge. Also, you can leave it plugged in at all times if you do not want to mount it on the dash or you are doing all-night driving. 

External sensors: These are easy to install, have a two-year battery life and are weatherproof. Built to last and be accurate with accuracy +/- .15psi. After two years, if the battery goes flat, it is easy to replace and take standard CR1632 batteries.



*Batteries may or may not last up to two years on some units (depending on use and battery condition). Batteries are not covered by the product warranty.

*Some Caravan/Trailer setups may need a repeater. This all depends on your set-up (length, obstacles, etc.). If you are experiencing sensor drop-outs on a Caravan/Trailer set-up (even if within operating range) with this unit, then a repeater may be necessary. The performance of this unit is subjective on Caravan/Trailer set-ups. It may work on some and not on others. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Depending on your valve stem quality, age, and wheel material, sensors can rub on the rim edge. This is something to keep an eye on and usually does not happen. If it does, it usually happens on lower-quality or ancient valve stems. We advise discontinuing using the TPMS to not further scratch your rims. OBD2 Australia will not be held responsible for damages caused to your rims by the sensors under these circumstances.


Display Unit:
150mm x 53mm x 25mm

Large Wheel Sensors:
Diameter: 21mm
Height: 26mm
Weight: 13g
Max Pressure: 189psi

Small Wheel Sensors:
Diameter: 20mm
Height: 16mm
Weight: 9g
Max Pressure: 99psi

Parts & Options

We have spare parts and add-on options for the TyreWatcher X2 system. We have these listed below with links.
Repeater: This will be needed if you see the number 88 on your pressure readings. This means that there is a range or interference issue. Every setup is different, so there is no way to know whether you need one. The repeater can be mounted on the A-Frame or rear of the vehicle up higher and needs 12V power. Please take a look at the repeater here.
Internal Sensors: Some people like to run internal sensors. These sensors sit inside your tyre, so the tyre needs to be removed to fit these. These can be added to your system later if you want to add internal sensors next time you change tyres. See internal sensors here

Large Sensors: These are the larger sensors usually used on the caravan. See Here.

Small Sensors: These are the smaller sensors usually on the vehicle. See Here.

Sensor Batteries: These are standard CR batteries that can be purchased locally. 

Spares Kit: Please get in touch with us for any other parts


Video Series

First Time Setup

Menu & Icon Guide

Installing External Sensors

Mounting Options

Changing Sensor Battery's

Updating Software iOS iPhone

Updating Software Android

Repeater Setup


Do they do temperature readings?

Yes, the sensors read both the pressure and temperature in your tyres. This is then displayed on the LCD. It is fascinating to see the relation between temperature and tyre pressure. This can also help you detect problems early if one tyre has a higher temperature, which could be linked to a bearing or brake issue.

Will the tyre sensors last?

We have tried and tested these units to ensure they last with what Australia can dish at them! Dust, Salt Water, Water, Sand, Corrugations, Dust, Corrugations, Dust. We also sell spares if needed.

Do all the sensors show on one screen?

Yes, all the sensors will show on one screen.

Will the sensors read airbags?

Yes you can use the sensors on axle 3 position to read airbag pressures. 

Firmware & App & Manual Updates

Version 2.9 (19-03-2022) – (Click on link to Download)

Version 2.7 (12-3-2022)

See video above in video series how to update the unit.

Manual PDF (Work in Progress) 

Quick Start Guide

Additional information

# of External Sensors

4 Small 4 Large = 8 Sensors, 8 Small Sensors plus repeater = 8 Sensors, 6 Small 4 Large = 10 Sensors, 10 Large = 10 Sensors

23 reviews for TyreWatcher X2 Caravan TPMS – 6 to 12 Wireless Sensors

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  1. TyreWatcher Monitoring Sensor System
    Works a treat and gives peace of mind when travelling.
    I’ve wrecked tyres before when not noticing they had lost pressure but luckily haven’t had a blow-out.
    Now I can see every tyre’s pressure and temperature in real-time.
    Highly recommend!!!
    The OBD2 Team were amazing, quick responses, great communication, & very helpful!!
    Make sure you read and watch their tutorials!

  2. Good products

  3. excellent service from all involved.

  4. Fitted TyreWatcher to the Tug and Van before doing our lap of Oz.
    Extremely happy with the product as I saved us from possible disaster by warning of a over temp tyre caused by a wheel bearing problem.

  5. Very complicated to setup, once u understand the process it works fine.

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