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We are based in Perth, Western Australia. This is where our warehouse is and where we store our items. We are an online only store as this allows us to keep our prices down and it is the way things are going. 

We have tried this but as we want to help customers we end up trying to help them fix their car with a fault code they have bought up with our $40 scan tool. This could take us 20-40mins on the phone and we had some many calls like this we could just not cover it. We sell the tools to help you diagnose and get data from your car we are not online mechanics. 

Turn Around Time

Most orders with Free Shipping will be at your address within 2 – 8 business days*. If you choose Express Shipping it will take 2 – 3* business days. We also have the option of Overnight Shipping which means it will get to you 1-2 business days* later if in a Metro area and if the order was placed before 11AM AWST. If your order is placed after 11AM AWST, it will miss shipping for that day so it will be dispatched the next day (note that that is an extra day added to the shipping time).

Our items are held in stock in our warehouse in Western Australia (Perth) so you will get them as quick as we can get them to you with AUS Post (Free Shipping and Express) and Startrack (Overnight).

You will receive an email with a tracking number so you can see when it will get to you once the order has been collected by the courier.

We endeavour to post out all orders on the same day they were received  if done before our cut-off time (12AM AWST), however there are times we may experience unforseen delays, so your order will be posted the next business day.

COVID-19 SHIPPING NOTICE: COVID-19 is causing delays. A possible delay of 1 – 3 business days  (or more) may be expected on all types of shipping methods. We do not refund Express/Overnight postage costs that have been affected by delays.

Order Special Requests/Notes

If you have any special request/notes for your order, please send us an e-mail or go on Live Chat for it to be sorted. The ‘Order Notes’ in checkout is not monitored, so your special request may be missed by our warehouse staff.


Warehouse Address

OBD2 Australia is a purely online only business. Whilst we may have a warehouse to store and dispatch products from, we use a third-party warehousing and fulfillment service and have no physical store to come in to. As such, the staff at the warehouse are not trained to troubleshoot or sort out issues with our products. The best way to do this would be to contact support via e-mail or live chat. Support will then advise you steps on how to sort out your predicament. 

We request that customers refrain from dropping by our warehouse as unscheduled visits can cause schedule disruptions among the warehouse staff, who work with a very tight schedule to meet deadlines. This can cause unwanted delays in order processing. Should a customer drop by unannounced, our warehouse staff will politely decline assistance and inform you to contact OBD2 Australia support for help. Please do not create a scene or become unruly as these people are just working for a living and do not deserve to be berated. We understand that there may be issues with our products and at times this can be frustrating. Rest assured our Support Team is there to always help you out. A little patience and understanding can go a long way. Thank you.


Order Cut-off and Cancellations

Orders done on a business day before 12PM AWST are sent out on the same business day (provided the item is not on backorder and in stock). Should you wish to cancel an order under this circumstance, please do so before 12PM AWST. We are unable to cancel if the request is received after this cut-off time.

Orders done on a business day after 12PM AWST are sent out the following business day (provided the item is not on backorder and in stock).. Should you wish to cancel an order under this circumstance, please do so at before 12PM AWST the following business day. We are unable to cancel if the request is received after this cut-off time.

Transit Cover/Shipping insurance is available as an add-on at $2.50 per $100 value (items below $100 in value are still insureable for $2.50). Should you wish to add insurance, please let us know prior to purchasing via Live Chat or E-mail. Uninsured orders that are lost or damaged in transit  will not be refunded or replaced by OBD2 Australia.

We are always here to support and back our products so most issues an be fixed with some troubleshooting which can be done over our live chat or email. Being a technical product some extra guidance can be required at times.


Product Warranty

The warranty of your device may vary (see product description). The warranty effectivity date will start on the date of purchase. Replacements come with the same original warranty as the initial product that was replaced. A replacement will not add to your warranty life; it carries over the effectivity of the original warranty. We reserve the right not to offer a refund or repair where the item fault is a result of misuse or neglect.

Faulty or damaged goods

OBD2 Australia will repair, troubleshoot, replace or refund faulty or damaged products in accordance with Your rights under the Australian Consumer Law. All items damaged by shipping must be reported within a day from delivery. A report of a damaged good/item after this  time frame will no longer be honoured. 

OBD2 Australia will refund the full purchase price or replace the product if it is proven to be faulty and only when the buyer has sent clear and sufficient video and photo proof* showing the fault. If the item is sent back without this proof it will need to be returned in a good as new condition, and applicable restocking fees will be deducted from the refund. OBD2 Australia tests all returned items whether this proof is provided or not, and if upon further testing we are unable to replicate or prove the fault, applicable restocking fees will apply (even when any proof is sent). We reserve the right not to offer a refund or repair where the item fault is a result of misuse or neglect.

*Note that even if photo and video proof is provided, OBD2 Australia reserves the right to demand the item to be returned to be tested, to validate the claim. 

OBD2 Australia will advise troubleshooting when necessary to remedy an issue with an item. If a customer refuses to troubleshoot and decides to return an item without troubleshooting and with or without proof, applicable restocking fees will be decuted from the refund. Only when troubleshooting measures are exhausted and when the item is proven to be faulty (conditions above) will a full refund or replacement be issued.

Warranties are voided if the item/product damage/fault is found by OBD2 Australia to have been caused by user error, negligence or misuse of the item.

Inaccurate Readings/Tools

For claims of goods that are ‘not accurate’, ‘does not work accurately’, ‘wrong/false readings’, these must be reported within one month from date of purchase (which should be sufficient enough for a user to determine inaccuracy). Photo and video proof will be required to support/justify your claim. Note that claims done more than one month after date of purchase will be subject to additional and thorough scrutiny, to deter use and return abuse.  OBD2 Australia reserves the right to decline a return, refund or replacement for items claimed as ‘not accurate, ‘does not work accurately’, ‘wrong/false readings’ if more than 30 days have elapsed from date of purchase.

Incomplete Orders/Components/Parts

OBD2 Australia ensures that all order quantities and items are correct prior to dispatch. In cases where some items or components are missing from your order, we require photo proof of incomplete orders immediately after tracking shows as delivered. If not reported immediately, OBD2 Australia will not refund nor replace claims of lost/incomplete items.

Returning A Replacement

If a buyer decides to return a working replacement for an item that was initially defective (whether or not a prepaid shipping label was provided), and demands a refund, a 50% deduction will be applied on the refund as this is now considered a ‘change of mind’ purchase. The return must be done within 7-days from the date of delivery of the replacement.

Returning for Fault Inspection

If a buyer decides to return an item for inspection to determine faults, or if a buyer is asked to return an item for inspection, and if there are no faults found, the buyer agrees to:

  1. Pay for cost of returning the item to the buyer if they wish to have the item back ($12).
  2. Pay our inspection fee ($15).
  3. If the item is found to have no faults after inspection and the buyer demands a refund instead of the above, the inspection fee of $15 will be deducted from the refund, as well as a $12 return shipping label fee (if a return label was provided by OBD2 Australia) on top of applicable restocking fees (50% if a replacement was sent, and if either the original and replacement or both were damaged due to misuse, neglect or user error).

The item/s must be returned in excellent condition and in original, undamaged packaging. In the event these are not met, the refund will be subject to a 50% deduction (applicable only if the item is tested and confirmed to have no issues/faults or if the issue/fault was caused by user eror or abnormal use). Refunds are voided if the item is returned intentionally damaged.

Use only AUS Post standard shipping, and provide us with the tracking number so we can keep track of its return progress. The refund process can be delayed if no return tracking details are provided. OBD2 Australia limits postage refunds (if applicable) of up to $12 only, so keep postage receipts or show us a copy. Only items confirmed as faulty due to factory defect are eligible for postage refunds.

The inspection process may take 1 month from the date the item is received, so please be patient.

OBD2 Australia will refund the purchase price of the item (if an item is found to be faulty by factory defect after inspection and a buyer demands a refund) and postage costs incurred to send the item to us provided a buyer is able to provide a receipt. Postage costs without a receipt will not be refunded. We reserve the right not to offer a refund or repair where the item fault is a result of misuse or neglect. Please note that this is all in accordance with your comsumer rights that a seller has the right to impose such fees for items damaged due to misuse, abuse or neglect, or a result of user error/no faults (which are considered a change of mind purchase).

“Not as described” items

Claims of items that are ‘not as described’ require photo and video proof to justify the claim. Each OBD2 Australia product has a limitation indicated on the description, and it is the buyer’s responsibility to be aware of it. False claims of ‘not as described’ on returned items will incur applicable restocking fees on the refund and will fall under the ‘change of mind’ category. All claims of ‘not as described’, when proven, must be returned immediately within 3 business days upon claim validation or instruction of OBD2 Australia. If not returned within this time frame, you refund will be subject to applicable restocking fees. If an item is really ‘not as described’, why hold on to it for long if it’s not working as intended?

Returning Used Items

With the recent flux of use and return abuse happening lately, OBD2 Australia will not accept returned items that are used/unused and due to change of mind, if it’s more than 30 days after purchase. We hope our customers understand that we are a small and growing business, and not a large corporation that can just write-off and absorb use and return abuse. Your supporting of a local, Australian business is greatly appreciated.

30 day Money Back Guarantee

The 30 day money back guarantee ONLY applies to products that have been unopened, unused and undamaged. In other words, to qualify for this guarantee the product must be in impeccable condition, resellable and must be returned at your cost, inspected and deemed to be in impeccable condition by OBD2 Australia prior to the refund being issued. Note that to qualify for this guarantee you must report and return the purchased item within 30-days from date of purchase, and that applicable restocking fees will be deducted from your refund (see change of mind clause below). Defective items are not eligible for this guarantee and will be instead subject to the “Faulty or damaged goods” clause in this agreement.

Change of Mind and Incorrect/Incompatible Products

At OBD2 Australia you have 30 days from date of purchase to return your purchase for a partial refund*, full store credit or exchange (order value will be subject to restocking fees) as long as it is returned in a saleable condition and with original proof of purchase. The refund will be provided using your original payment method.

By saleable condition we mean that the item hasn’t been opened or used, is still in its original packaging and all manuals, packaging and accessories are included. In the event a buyer returns an item that is incomplete, showing signs of abuse, neglect and misuse, OBD2 Australia reserves the right to not refund the buyer and should the latter demand for the item to be sent back, postage fees will apply ($12). The item/s must be returned in excellent condition, unused and in original, undamaged packaging. In the event the above are not met, the refund will be subject to a 50% deduction. Refunds are voided if the item is returned damaged.

If you can’t provide proof of purchase we will be unable to provide you with store credit or a refund.

*Note that refunds for returns due to change of mind or incorrect/incompatible item ordered (without or against OBD2 Australia advise) must be returned within 30 days from the date the item was received, and will be charged applicable restocking fees (which will be deducted from the refundable amount)(shipping at your cost; refused parcels will be charged $12 on top of applicable restocking fees for AUS Post, $35 for Overnight via TNT). In cases when expedited shipping is chosen for the original order, the shipping cost will not be refunded and a 10% restocking fee will be deducted from the refund on top of the expedited shipping cost. If a buyer opts for store credit instead of a refund, the restocking fee will not apply. We reserve the right not to offer a refund or repair where the item fault is a result of misuse or neglect.


OBD2 Australia will NOT ACCEPT any change of mind returns for OBD11 once it has been opened and/or activated.

Refund Turn Around Time

Refunds are processed right after returned items are inspected and deemed to be in good working condition. Usually, this takes 3-4 weeks after tracking shows delivered, so please be patient.

Exchanging/Swapping Items

Exchanges are allowed only within 30-days from date of purchase, and they must be returned in good and saleable condition (item and packaging). By saleable condition we mean that the item hasn’t been opened or used, is still in its original packaging and all manuals, packaging and accessories are included.

Third-Party App/Software Purchases

In regards to apps we suggest in multiple places on our site that you purchase the free app then get a paid app. We do not refund paid app purchases.

We back our products and want to make dealing with us as easy as possible so any problems just get in touch with us and we will sort you out.

On-board diagnostics (OBD) is the cars ability to record and diagnose problems. It allows you to see all the data that your car can provide, make some simple changes and find and clear faults. The tools that plug into these ports are a must have tool on modern cars for you to work our issues and also for doing standard service jobs. The two stands for the 2nd version of this which provides a lot more information. See more on our blog post here

This can sometimes be a hard one to answer. But if your car is newer than 2006 in Australia then most OBD2 tools we sell will work with your car. If your car is older please contact us and we can help you out.

We sell a range of tools and the main difference between the lower price tools and the more expensive tools is the systems they check. The cheaper ones will just check your engine data/codes and the more expensive tools will check all modules of your car airbags, transmission, injector coding etc.

Send us an email or jump on the live chat.

You will get email updates with tracking information for your order. Please check your spam box.

Send us an email or join the live chat, and we will be happy to assist you. We apologize for not having a phone number, but live chat enables us to help more customers and serve you more efficiently.

If you are not in Australia, we can still ship to you. Please get in touch with us so we can prepare a shipping quote.

Yes, 99% of the time they will. If not, we will let you know.

Any Other Questions Jump on our live chat or send a email! Cheers.

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