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Have turned a tablet into a trip computer and digital dashboard. Awesome!
Ben P
- OutBack Cruiser
Nissan Test
Awesome tool and great support. Did not even know these little WiFi tools existed.
Shane Hore
- 4WDWander
Great guys who provided the OBD tool I needed to sort out the problems on my Landcruiser. Quick to answer my questions.
Dewey Mason
- Cruiser Owner

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What is ELM327?

You may have seen ELM327 come up a quite often if you have been looking into OBD2 scan tools. Basically this is an code that…

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FeaturedWhat is OBD and how to find it

What does the OBD2 connector look like and how to find it? On-board diagnostics (OBD) is the cars ability to record and diagnose problems. The most…

Why buy from us!

Why we are here and how we hope to help you.

We exist as we found there to be a need for an Australian company to design, stock and supply car OBD2 scan tools, OBD2 Scanners, TPMS and other epic accessories at lower prices with great support and knowledge to back them up. As Australians we have a great and long relationship with our vehicles built on years of backyard tinkering, 4WDing, camping and the need for speed and adventure. We want to support our customers in this passion and provide them with the Scanners, Tools and accessories they need! Our range includes OBD2 scan tools, TPMS Systems, Electric throttle controllers, OBDII Code Readers, Heads Up Displays HUDs and anything else that can provide more information from your vehicle. Allowing you to be better connected to your vehicle and opening up more possibilities of what you can do yourself.

With cars these days having more complex systems OBD2 scan tools become important to reset service counters, replace batteries and change settings that you can only get too with these OBD2 tools. We have also found because Australia was a bit behind the eight ball that there is a range of cars between 1998 – 2005 (See list here) that are not fully OBD2 compliant and for this reason we are always researching the latest tools and software to provide you with a solution for your needs. These will be OBD1 scan tools and we have a range of these.

OBD2 Australia are here to provide you with epic tools and accessories with great support to back them up so you can get back to what you enjoy! And if you are still unsure what OBD2 is check out the WiKi here.