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We are right here to suppourt your right to repair & get the data you want from vehicles.

Supporting You Right To Repair

Diagnostic Tools & Repairing

We exist as we found there to be a need for an Australian company to design, stock and supply car OBD2 scan tools, OBD2 Scanners, TPMS and other epic accessories at lower prices with great support and knowledge to back them up. As Australians we have a great and long relationship with our vehicles built on years of backyard tinkering, 4WDing, camping and the need for speed and adventure. 

We want to support our customers in this passion and provide them with the Scanners, Tools and accessories they need! Our range includes OBD2 scan tools, TPMS Systems, Electric throttle controllers, OBDII Code Readers, Heads Up Displays HUDs and anything else that can provide more information from your vehicle. Allowing you to be better connected to your vehicle and opening up more possibilities of what you can do yourself.

We have the tools to suit your needs

Need to Repair

Modern cars now have many computers that diagnostic tools and other specialist tools are needed to repair them. This means that there needs to be a way to communicate with the vehicle so that issues can be diagnosed. 

This could be by looking at data and seeing what is going down or reading the cars error codes that it can produce. OBD scan tools are needed to read and clear these codes. 

Then we also have the things that require a scan tool to complete these can be things like replacing the battery in your car, resetting the service indicator or coding injectors plus much more.

Alway here for you

We’re just getting started

Here at OBD2 Australia we are here to provide you with the tools you need so you can continue to have the ability to repair vehicles you choose or get the data you need from these vehicles. 

We do not believe people should be locked into going to a certain place to have something done and want to provide quality tools with great support to back them up.

So happy with the TPMS and Scan Tool from these guys. I can now view my trans temp on my phone and have an alarm setup and also keep an eye on my tyre pressures with a solar mounted unit. Thanks!
John K
Fantastic service and tool that allowed me for run the prime function on my Amarok for when I changed the fuel filter. Must have tool for these modern cars if you work on them yourself.!
Astrid S
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