Truck & Equipment Tyre Pressure Monitoring System – 6 to 38 Tyres


Our Truck, RV, Caravan, and off-road equipment Wireless Solar TPMS system can accommodate 8 to 38 Tyre sensors. It is perfect for caravan setups, trucks, RV’s, off-road gear and buses. A solar-powered quality unit, so no need for any wires and allows you to have live information right on your dashboard with your tyre’s pressures, temperatures and warnings. With a built-in battery and efficient solar panel, it can run 24/7 on your gear. This TPMS informs you of any slow leaks, temperature issues, or blowout issues. A must-have tool for anyone doing a large number of kilometres as the savings in fuel and tyre wear alone will pay for the device or for sites where tyre pressure is crucial for efficiency and safety. It will provide you with extra safety as you know what the pressure in your tyres is doing.

  • Easy to install with external sensors.
  • Large capacity battery for 24/7 running.
  • 0 – 174 PSI Range.
  • Clear LCD screen that sits on your dash to view pressure and temperatures.
  • Wireless waterproof rugged built to last wheel sensors.
  • Solar-powered dash unit meaning it’s wire-free for a tidy setup.
  • 5-15% fuel saving with the correct tyre pressure.
  • Windscreen suction mount or dash mount.
  • Three-year battery life in wheel sensors.
  • Easy to use.
  • Repeater an option for long vehicles or liquid loads.
  • 24 Month Warranty.
  • Australian Support.
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Great Tyre Pressure Monitoring System for Trucks & Other Off Road Construction or Mining Equipment. 

  • Can have up to 36 tyre sensors
  • Large long range tyre sensors and repeater added for large number of sensors to ensure connection
  • Alarms when there is an ensure to alert operator
  • Can run 24/7 operation off solar
  • Large tough waterproof sensors ready to be put to work
  • Easily replace any part of the system if there is an issue. We have the spares.
  • Fixed dash mount or windscreen depending on your setup.

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Pairing new sensors

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Wheel Sensors

6 Tyre Sensors, 8 Tyre Sensors, 10 Tyre Sensors, 12 Tyre Sensors, 14 Tyre Sensors, 16 Tyre Sensors, 18 Sensors & Repeater, 20 Sensors & Repeater, 22 Sensors & Repeater, 24 Sensors & Repeater, 26 Sensors & Repeater, 28 Sensors & Repeater, 30 Sensors & Repeater, 32 Sensors & Repeater, 34 Sensors & Repeater, 36 Sensors & Repeater, 38 Sensors & Repeater, Repeater Only, Spare Sensor


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