You have worked out that your car is OBD1 and not the newer OBD2 which means that it is harder to access and you cannot use one of our common OBD2 scan tools and you will need a OBD1 scan tool reader. If you are still unsure if your car is OBD1 or OBD2 then get in contact with us.

What we have done below is listed the common brands of car in Australia and then we recommend the tool that will allow you to access your car’s OBD1 diagnostic system.

OBD1 Ford: This tool will work on Fords from 1998 – Current and please ensure you Ford has the 16 pin connector:

OBD1 Holden (ALDL): This tool will work on Australian Holdens from 1996 – Current you will just need license 1 . Please ensure that it has the 16 pin connector:

OBD1 Toyota (MOBD): This tool will work on Toyotas from 1998 – Current as long as they are not K-line. Please ensure you have the 16 pin connector and if you have the 22 pin connector you will need the adaptor cable:

OBD1 VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda (1995 – 2005): This tool will work on these cars from 1995 – 2005:

OBD1 BMW (2001 – Current): This tool will work on BMWs from 2001 – Current:

OBD1 Alfa & Fiat (1998 – Current): You will need to use the cable adaptor set with the program multiecuscan and one of our scan tools: