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Why use a TPMS Repeater – A Quick Guide

Whether it is that daily drive to the office or that long ride to your dreamy vacation spot, we must make our trip worth it by keeping them safe. And tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) do an excellent job! However, we know you love bigger vehicles – SUVs, trucks, or caravans. So, you must enhance your TPMS experience with a TPMS repeater – and this a quick guide for you.

What is a TPMS repeater?

A TPMS repeater is a device used to extend the range of a sensor signal. TPMS is a system that monitors the tyre pressure and alerts the driver if there is a significant pressure drop, which can help prevent accidents and improve fuel efficiency.

In some cases, especially with larger vehicles or when using aftermarket wheels or tyres, the TPMS sensor signals may not reach the receiver unit effectively due to distance or interference. This can result in inaccurate or delayed readings or complete signal loss.

The device solves this issue by receiving the sensor signals and then transmitting them to the vehicle’s receiver unit. It essentially acts as a bridge between the sensors and the receiver, extending the range and improving signal reliability.

TPMS Repeater
TPMS Repeater

Here’s how a TPMS repeater typically works:

  1. Placement –  The repeater is installed in a suitable location within the vehicle, usually near the tyres or in the trunk area.
  2. Signal Reception – The repeater receives the wireless signals transmitted by the sensors installed in the tyres.
  3. Signal Amplification – The received signals are amplified to ensure a stronger and more reliable transmission.
  4. Signal Transmission – The repeater then transmits the amplified signals to the vehicle’s receiver unit, allowing it to monitor the tyre pressure accurately.

By using a TPMS repeater, you can overcome signal range limitations and ensure that the system functions properly, even in situations where the standard range may be insufficient.

TPMS Repeater

Where to get these TPMS Repeaters?

OBD2 Australia supports your passion for your vehicle and your right to get accurate data from them. Our quality-made TPMS repeaters enhance the signal range of Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems, so you’ll get the correct tyre pressure data on all your tyres – however big or long your vehicle is! 

Now, that calls for a few cheers to that more epic drive and adventure! 

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Setting up your OBD2 Australia TPMS Repeaters

You can also check our OBD2 Australia YT channel for more guides and tips on TPMS repeaters and other products. See you there!

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