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Why do you need a Truck Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)?

A truck tyre pressure monitoring system monitors the air pressure in a vehicle’s tyres and alerts the driver if any tyre pressure is too low or too high. This can help improve the vehicle’s safety and prevent tyre damage due to under or over-inflation.

It is essential because “misinflated” tyres can lead to reduced fuel efficiency, increased tyre wear, and a greater risk of a blowout or other tyre failures. A TPMS can help drivers maintain proper tyre pressure and avoid these issues, improving safety and saving money on fuel and tyres.  

OBD2 Australia truck tyre pressure monitoring system
OBD2 Australia Truck Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Tyre pressure monitoring systems typically use sensors mounted inside the tyres or on the wheel rims to measure the tyre pressure and transmit the information to a display in the vehicle’s cab. You can check out this article to learn more about how a TPMS works.

Where to get a truck tyre pressure monitoring system?

OBD2 Australia offers the latest TPMS technology for vehicles – from cars and motorcycles to 4WDs, caravans, and trucks.

OBD2 Australia truck tyre pressure monitoring system

These TPMS provide the complete solution to your tyre pressure monitoring concerns while keeping in mind the harsh Australian conditions these will perform in. Thus, you are assured of accurate readings to ensure safety and fuel efficiency for extended periods. 

What options are available for me?

Currently, OBD2 Australia has these truck tyre pressure monitoring systems in its inventory:

1. Truck & Equipment Tyre Pressure Monitoring System – 6 to 38 Tyres 

> Truck, RV, Caravan, and off-road equipment wireless Solar TPMS system

2. Truck TPMS CAN System – 1 to 22 Tyre Sensors

> Truck TPMS System with CAN Output to connect to your telemetry or data systems

Our Final Word

With the trucking sector experiencing a higher rate of accidents, it is more than just a luxury to install a truck TPMS. It is a necessity for the safety of all truck drivers. So, when you get OBD2 Australia Truck TPMS, do not consider it a purchase. It is more of an investment for your peace of mind on the road – a good buy in our books. 

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