What does TPMS mean and what does it do? It stands for tyre pressure monitoring system and it is a system that monitors the air pressure and temperature of your tyres.

Now some cars have these built in from factory these will mainly be cars after 2007 as this was an requirement of cars for certain markets. You will most likely see a light on your dash that looks like this below.

TPMS light on Dash
Check your tyres asap if you see this.

If you car does not have one by default or you have a caravan, RV or truck then the best bet is to install an aftermarket version. These range in price from $70 – $300 depending on how many wheels you have that you want to monitor. You can check out our range here

Why would you want an TMPS?

Fuel Savings – The fuel saving of having the correctly inflated tyres can be up to 15% so if you are doing alot of driving or touring around Australia you can see how valuable this information is.

Extend the Life of your tyres – With correctly inflated tyres you can extend the life of them and this means you have to replace them less often which means you are saving $$$.

Safety – The correct tyre pressure will ensure your vehicle handles as it should and its braking time is effective

All right I want one!What next?Are they hard to install?

Jump onto our online store and buy one for your setup! It will pay for itself in the first few 000kms and they are easy to install. Normally it will take under 20 minutes.