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What Is Forscan and how to use Forscan?

FORD, Forscan OBD2 Scan tool

What is Forscan? It is this amazing piece of software that gives you a professional full system diagnostic tool for your Ford or Mazda at a fraction of the price. This will work with most Fords/Mazdas in Australia from 1999+.

How to use the Software?

Works with Android Devices and Windows ComputersOBD-AUS Forscan Bluetooth

obd au forscan bluetooth obd2 scan tool a
ODB2 Australia Forscan Bluetooth obd2 scan tool

For Apple Devices and Windows ComputersOBD-AUS Forscan WiFi

obd forscan wifi obd2 scan tool a
OBD2 Australia Forscan WiFi OBD2 scan tool

With Windows computersOBD-AUS Forscan USB

FOrscan USB scan tool
OBD2 Australia Forscan USB OBD2 scan tool

A tip: we suggest you use the wireless or Bluetooth version. These are newer models that will allow you to be wireless and also use the app on your phone or as a computer program at the same time.

Forscan Software or Forscan App (viewer) both are FREE!

You can download the apps from the iOS app store or the Android Play store. The app mainly allows you to view & clear faults and live data. For more intensive features like injector coding or key reprogramming, you will need the computer version.

You can download the computer software from the official link here. This allows you to access all the features of this software and gives you the professional tool you need to do most tasks.

Next step is to plug your connector into the OBD2 port of your car which you will find most likely under the steering wheel in the lower dash panel or just below that above the pedals. It is a 16 Pin plug that looks like a rectangle with sloped sides. 

Turn on your phone or laptop and go into your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth settings and connect to the connector. 

Now you open the App or computer program and press connect and you are in.

What can you do with this device?

The options are huge but we will give a quick run-down:

  • Access all modules to view and clear faults – ABS, Body, Engine, etc.
  • Reprogram new keys
  • Injector Coding
  • Adjusting PIDS for example if you put in a long-range tank and need to adjust fuel gauge reading
  • Change advance settings like activating line locker mode on Mustangs
  • Plus much, much more.
Forscan keys
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