We get plenty of questions asking what is an alternative for the OBD2 U581. This was one of the original OBD2 scanners in the market that did a great job. Made by Alusmart and was called the Memoscan U581 CAN it allowed a users to be able to easily access the OBD2 information on their cars and was widely used in workshops.

This tool has now been surpassed and a number of other options will do the exact same job as this scan tool.

For example if you are looking for one of these an are happy with an alternative that will do the same job then please check out this handheld scanner. This unit is easier to use than the U581 CAN and provides you with extra useful features.

However if you are still really after the Memoscan then please get in contact with us as we can order it in for you and provide you with any help you need.