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obd2 post VE Commodore Service

VE Commodore Service Reminder Reset


How do you reset the service reminder light that has come up on the dash of your VE Commodore?

This light tells you that your car is due for a service, and would normally be reset after the service has been done. However, if you are servicing the car yourself, then you will need to reset this service reminder yourself.

This is how you reset the service reminder on your VE Commodore:

Step 1: Hold down the trip button on the steering wheel with the Ignition in the ON position.

Step 2: While holding down this button you should see the Service Reset come up on the screen on the dashboard. When this comes up release the trip button.

Step 3: Hold down the enter button for 3-5 seconds. You may hear a noise and the message on the screen will disappear.

obd aus bluetooth scan tool obd2 scan tool a

Your service reminder has now been reset, and you are ready. Most cars have a way of manually resetting the service reminder like this. So, you do not need any special tools for this. But if you want to see your car’s fault codes and build customs dashboards with live readings, then you should get one of our OBD-AUS OBD2 scan tools.

Also, if the above does not work, try getting out of the car and locking it and then getting back in and doing it all again.

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