The check engine light on your VE commodore is coming on and you have no idea why? As these cars have a large number of sensors these days this light coming on could be for a number of different things. The only way to check it is to use and OBD2 scan tool yourself and work out what the problem is. (Easy to do) Or you take it down to your mechanic and pay to find out.

Some of the common problems with the VE’s:

Faulty Oil Sensor – This is an easy fix and something you could do yourself if you had the OBD2 scan tool to check it.

Battery Not Fully Charged – This can cause all sorts of problems with your cars checking system.

Tyre Pressure Low – Pumped up the tyres. Too easy.

Door Jam Sensor – Dirty or faulty

Fluid Levels – Top up or change

Now that is just a short list of the things it could be. There are 00’s of options and sensors on these cars so you best bet is to buy and OBD2 scan tool so you can work out what is wrong.

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