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VAL-Flate Tyre Deflate Valves

VAL-FLATE Tyre Deflate Valves: Set up and Use

How do you set up and use your VAL-FLATE tyre deflate valves? We’ll give you the rundown here.

Set up your VAL-FLATE Tyre Deflate Valves

  1. Get one of your tyres to go down to the tyre pressure you want your valves to be set. To do this, you can use a tyre deflator gauge you have on hand to do this.
  2. Grab one of your valves and screw the lock nut and and main nut all the way to the bottom.
  3. Give the manual release (i.e. on the protruding tube on top of the main nut) a little pull to reset it and remove any dust or dirt stuck in between.
  4. Tightly screw the valve onto the valve stem of the tyre and pull the manual release.
  5. Unscrew the main nut until air comes out then tight then it again until the “hissing” noise stops.
  6. Spin the lock nut up against the main nut. Tighten these two nuts against each other.
  7. Unscrew the entire valve from the tyre.
  8. Do steps 2 to 7 to the other valves on the same tyre.

Using your Deflate Valves

  1. To use the valves you’ve set up already, screw one of the valves all the way up on one of your tyres.
  2. You’ll then hear air coming out. Give the manual release a pull, too. It takes about 5 minutes to deflate your tyre by 30PSI (you can grab beer whil
  3. Unscrew the valve and return the dust valve cap or tyre pressure sensor back onto your tyre.
  4. If you’re using a TPMS, you can check the tyre pressure using your display. Or, you can use any tyre pressure gauge you have on your kit.

Having the VAL-FLATE tyre deflate valves will come in handy during your offroading adventures. It saves you time and energy deflating tyres before you traverse those tricky trails. So, make sure you make this part of your outdoor trip kit, now!

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