Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)

How do TPMS sensors work?

Explaining how tyre pressure monitoring systems work

Tyre pressure monitoring systems are an important tool for keeping an eye on your tyre pressures and temperatures to ensure your safety and to save you money on tyre replacements and fuel. They are such a handy tool that most modern cars come with this built in and you will have an tyre light on your dash that will light up if your tyres are at the wrong pressure or there is something wrong. However this has not been made compulsory in Australia like some countries yet so not all cars in Australia have them.

However for people with older vehicles, towing caravan/ trailers or just want a digital read out then one of our systems are what you need. They are easy to install and provide you with a live wireless display of your tyres pressures and temperatures.

Paid for itself on the first trip! Great product and quick answers to my questions.
Neville T
Great tool. Allows me to see what is happening with the pressure in my tyres.
Tony B
Awesome! Have one of the 10 sensor TPMS units on my cruiser, caravan and spares.
Sean Gabe

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