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VLinker Forscan Upgrade

Treat your Ford & Mazda With a Forscan Upgrade today!

FORSCAN recently updated its list of supported adapters. And, as you know, the creators of Forscan have advised users that to maximise the use of the software, you need to have a quality adapter that meets their technical requirements.  Thus, to get a more stable service and reliable data from the Forscan software, it’s time to get a Forscan upgrade today!

Important note: after many years of continued project development, a few ELM327 Scanners with relatively good quality ceased to meet the FORScan hardware & firmware requirements. Besides, the majority of the adapters that are being sold under the ELM327 trademark have quite dubious quality that dropped a lot in the past: in fact, they have nothing in common with the famous “ELM327” brand but their name. Thus we do not recommend any “ELM327” scanners anymore. If possible, please use the FORScan adapters recommended on the site above (OBDLink, vLinker). FORScan will continue to support ELM327 adapters, but some new functionality may be limited or refuse to work on outdated adapters.


If you own a Ford or Mazda, you must be familiar with Forscan – a powerful software application for accessing, diagnosing and configuring advanced settings in your vehicle’s onboard systems. Forscan achieves this using specialised OBD2 adapters. With one, the software will work properly (or not at all).

What can Forscan do for my car?

Forscan upgrade
VLinker USB interface

Why do you need Forscan in the first place? Let me give you a refresher:

  1. Diagnostic Functions: FORScan can read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) from various modules within the vehicle – engine, transmission, ABS, airbags, and more.
  2. Module Configuration: Users can access and modify settings in various modules, which might not be accessible through standard vehicle interfaces. This allows for customising features such as auto-locking, remote start behaviour, and more.
  3. Service Procedures: The software can initiate specific service procedures, such as ABS brake bleeding, tire pressure sensor programming, etc.
  4. Data Logging: FORScan can log real-time data from the vehicle’s sensors, which can help diagnose intermittent issues or monitor vehicle performance over time.
  5. Calibration and Programming: Advanced users can use FORScan to perform module programming and calibration tasks, such as updating firmware, turning on/off certain functions, etc.
  6. Security Access: Some modules require a security access code to make changes. FORScan can generate and input these codes to gain access to secured settings.
  7. Backup and Restore: Users can create backups of module configurations before making changes, allowing them to revert to the original settings if needed.
Forscan upgrade
VLinker Bluetooth protocols

What will the Forscan upgrade do for me?

With the recent advancements in technology, the upgrade will not only include the reliability of the scanner, but it also includes:

  • Automatic MS-CAN/HS-CAN Switch: No need to touch the scanner other than the initial pairing. 
  • 3MBPS Baud Rate: A vast increase in speed, enabling you to read your vehicle’s data more accurately.
  • Compact Sizing: A smaller scanner means you can keep it in the car as you go and set and forget.
  • More STABLE Access To Most Vehicle Modules: Avoid glitches when you control a vehicle system (e.g. Engine, ABS, BCM) or if you make advanced ECU changes (e.g. tyre size, tank size)
  • Use the Software Longer: It comes with BatterySaver technology and will not drain quickly.
  • Secure connections: Hacker-proof, no data corruption, no network interference. 
  • Regular Firmware updates: So your device is always up-to-date

Where can I get a Forscan Upgrade?

OBD2 Australia has offered diagnostic and repair solutions for years that work with Forscan. And now, it has a couple of new Forscan scanners that will give you a full system scan tool for your Ford or Mazda at (still) a fraction of the price. 


Forscan upgrade
  • Latest chipset for a solid connection and faster speeds
  • Works with FORScan Software (Windows*)
  • Easy to use with a stable wired connection.
  • Recommended USB adapter for Windows version of FORScan, also for configuration and programming functions


forscan upgrade
  • Fast Bluetooth OBD-II adapter (baud rate: 3Mbps)
  • Apple MFI-certified device
  • BatterySaver technology (low-power mode)
  • Hacker-proof
  • Firmware updates
  • Recommended Bluetooth adapter for FORScan Lite for Android
  • Android, iOS, and Windows compatible

Please note that you will need to download FORScan Android/iOS/Windows to use this tool, and a premium version of FORScan is available to buy on their respective platforms.

For further information and a guide about the new Forscan scanners, you can check out this video:

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