We have had a few customers ask us how to use our OBD-AUS tool to bring up a transmission temperature gauge on their phone. This has mainly been for customers who are towing caravans. As there is an over temp sensor and you will get a dash light come up on your vehicle but by the time this shows the damage may already be done.

We will do this example for a Ford Ranger but the process is the same for any vehicle and the only difference will be the PID you need to bring the data up on your phone.

1st Step:

Buy one of our OBD-AUS units here for $35. This will allow you to connect your phone to your vehicle very easily. All you need to do is fine the OBD2 port which will be within 50cm of the steering wheel and you can access it without using any tools. It looks like a rectangle plug with 16 pins and slope sides.

2nd Step:

Download the App onto your phone for this example we will use OBD Fusion. This is a paid up and will cost you $7 and also for the extra PIDS it will cost you another $13 at the end of the day you are still looking at under $50 to have all this data at your fingertips and save you a costly replacement or trip to the mechanic’s.

3rd Step:

Turn on your Bluetooth or WiFi and search for the device called OBD the password is 1234. This is now connected.

4th Step:

Open up the OBD Fusion App on your phone and you will see that you are connected to your car and you can see all the standard data. However, you will not have the extra custom data like the transmission temperatures. For this you need to watch the below video.

5th Step:

You have watched the video and added the extra sensors for your car and now you build your custom dashboard with all the information you want to view.

All done! You know have a live feed to your Transmission Temperature and you can even setup alerts if the temperature goes up so that it beeps and warns you. If you need some more help just get in touch with us as we are always happy to help out and point you in the right direction.

And for those of you with a Ford Ranger here are the PIDS below for the Transmission that should work if you are a 2012+. You will need to enter these into the custom PID part of the app you are using.

PID: 221e1c
Long Name: TFT – Or what ever you want
Short Name: TFT – Or what ever you want
Min Value: 0.0
Max Value: 200.0
Scale: x1
Unit type: ºF – Important
Equation: ((A*256)+B)/8
Header: 7E1

That will show in Fahrenheit.

Now the really important part is in Settings/Units make sure Use Celsius instead of Fahrenheit.

Note that this is a guide only on how to add the transmission temperature gauge/PID to any app. Due to the numerous variable PIDs available for transmission temperature, OBD2 Australia does not provide these PIDs. You can find transmission temperature PIDs for your vehicle through an online search.