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Torque OBD2 App

Torque OBD2 App: Adding Extra PIDs

Why do you need to download an app like Torque OBD2 to match with your OBD2 scan tool? Here is one MAJOR reason why.

Transmission Temperature and the Torque OBD2 App

One of the most common questions we get here at OBD2 Australia is about transmission temperature and how to show it on the OBD2 scanner display.

The thing you should understand here is that it does not appear by default because it is not on the engine’s electronic computer unit (ECU). Therefore, it’s also not part of the common OBD2 protocol. And the only way to show the transmission temperature is by adding an extra setting which is called a PID (Parameter ID).

How to Enter a PID

  1. To get a PID, a simple Google search can give the PID you need.
  2. Connect your Torque OBD2 app (the Torque Pro version costs $10) to your Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool. Go to your OBD2 ADAPTER SETTINGS then make sure you set the CONNECTION TYPE to “Bluetooth”.
  3. Then, click on CHOOSE BLUETOOTH DEVICE and select “OBD-AUS”.
  4. Return to the app home screen and wait until the flashing blue icons below the app title turn solid. To know if the app is connected to the ECU, the RPM reading should appear on the screen.
  6. You will see available settings on screen, but you want to go to “Add Custom PID” on the options button. Click “Ok”.
  7. The OBD2 PID Editor screen should appear. Here you’ll enter the information we will send you or the one you researched on (i.e. Long Name, Short Name, Min./Max. Value, Equation, Unit Type, Scale Factor, OBD Header). Leave the others blank.
  8. Click on “Test”. If it doesn’t work, make sure the details you entered are all correct.

There are other vehicle data you can know about your vehicle by entering extra PIDs (e.g. Fuel Rail Pressure, DPF Soot Load, Exhaust Temperature, Tyre Pressure). Remember, though, the data that can be extracted also depends on the brand and model of your vehicle. 

Note that you will need the paid version of Torque to enter PIDs.

NOTICE: Due to PIDs being very variable, OBD2 Australia does not provide any more PIDs. Most PID codes are taken from different sources online and MAY or MAY NOT work with your vehicle. Some readings may be incorrect as well (such as fuel consumption, oil temperature, boost etc). This is because most apps use a generic PID which may not be compatible with your vehicle, to interpret these data. PIDs for certain parameters are subjective to vehicle model year and ECU type, so there are chances that PIDs found online may not work. This is NOT indicative of a ‘faulty scanner’ and any reason for return due to PIDs not working will be subject to our Returns Policy and Terms and Conditions. PID compatibility and non-default parameters are beyond the control of OBD2 Australia and are not our responsibility to make it work or enable compatibility. 

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