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Toolbox Essentials

Toolbox Essentials: Must-Have Tools for Any Driver

Whenever you go out on the road, it’s not just your engine and tyres that you should check. It is also essential that you bring along the critical tools for the journey. Or what we would like to call here in OBD2 Australia as Toolbox Essentials.

Toolbox Essentials

Our Toolbox Essentials

  1. Screwdrivers and socket wrenches

Tighten those loose bolts and connectors in and around the engine or inside the car itself. Sometimes, the vibrations or tapping sounds you hear just needs a twist or two from these tools.

Socket and screwdriver set
  1. Jumper cable

A discharged battery can be annoying, but you’ll feel safer knowing you have a jumper cable on your toolbox to jumpstart the engine. Remember, though, that your car may remain alive for only a few kilometres. 

Jumper cable
  1. Duct tape

Having a roll of duct tape will prove handy if you need a temporary fix on leaks or some damaged car part. 

Duct tape
  1. Tyre gauge, tyre pump, tyre deflator, tyre sealer

Tyres are some of the most stressed-out parts of your vehicle. They are exposed to the elements and thus suffer the most wear and tear. Therefore, the key to a safer ride is to keep a tyre gauge so you can keep track of your tyre pressure. You may also want to consider getting a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS), as it can help you monitor tyre pressure more accurately and in real-time. 

A tyre pump is an obvious inclusion to your toolbox essentials, while a tyre deflator may seem odd. But ask any ute owner, and they’ll attest to this device’s importance, especially if you regularly travel offroad. 

Finally, a tyre sealer helps you get to the nearest gas station or repair centre after puncturing a tyre. 

Tyre gauge
  1. Basic scan tool

Is your check engine light on, and do you need to turn it off? Or do you need to run a quick diagnostic check of your engine systems? Then, keeping a scan tool nearby will do you wonders. Today’s generation of scan tools are technologically updated yet quite affordable and portable that should be accessible to most car owners. 

OBD2 basic scan tool
  1. Cutting tool

A sharp knife can be helpful to remove debris stuck on your tyres or windshield. You can also use this to strip electrical wires to fix connection problems. You’ll also appreciate more that you have one on your toolbox if you get stranded during a camping trip (or the like). 

Swiss knife
  1. Flashlight

Checking for damage or looking for a broken engine part in the middle of the night may prove challenging without a reliable flashlight with you.

  1. Tow straps

The inclusion of tow straps may not necessarily be evident initially, but helping out a stranded buddy of yours get their stranded car to the repair shop. And this more than justifies its inclusion on our list. 

Tow straps
  1. Early warning device

Make working on faults and/or damage on your car safer from wayward vehicle collisions by making it a habit of placing early warning devices and reflectors in front or at the back of your vehicle. 

Early warning device
  1. Winter or rain gear

Extreme weather calls for special tools like an ice scraper, a foldable shovel, warm blankets, and tyre chains. These may help you traverse thick snow or icy conditions during winter. When raining, maybe keep a poncho and an umbrella on or near your toolbox. 

Snow shovel
  1. Car jack

To fix a flat tyre may take a bit of practice, but it all hinges on having a sturdy jack.

Car jack

Our Final Word

The global car safety accessories market is expected to double in 7 years. This data reflects the effect of more stringent regulations enforced in more countries, as people try to make roads safer.  This also means that there will be fewer reasons for you not to complete the TOOLBOX ESSENTIALS we enumerated earlier. 

Toolbox Essentials

OBD2 Australia offers the latest in quality car accessories like scan tools, tyre pressure monitoring systems, tyre deflators, among others. Be sure to check out the online shop for more must-have tools, not just to be kept on toolboxes, but to be used regularly to access your car’s systems to allow you to be more in control. 

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