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Tight tolerance for Land Rover

Tight Tolerance for Land Rovers

Turning on the Tight Tolerance mode for Land Rovers is not as complicated as you think. 

This setting’s most common purpose is for wheel alignment. In Tight Tolerance mode for Land Rovers, the suspension engine control unit gets more precise and sensitive (about +/- 0.5 to 1mm sensitive) when it comes to aligning the actual height to the target height of the vehicle on a given surface. Your onboard computer gives less “tolerance” to any difference and adjusts the system right away. 

EAS on Land Rovers

This works due to the Electronic Air Suspension (EAS) system of Land Rovers that optimises ride height and articulation based on driving factors such as speed and road surface. 

It really pays to learn to activate this mode as it helps maintain the balance on your wheels and thus slowing the onset of tyre wear. Plus, it gives you that smoother driving experience. And in some cases, “TT” mode also prevents your vehicle from suddenly activating limp mode due to malfunctions on sensors. Now, that’s a lot of savings on repairs, tyre replacement, and other inconveniences!

How to turn on tight tolerance on Land Rovers?

(This applies to the D5, L405 RR and L494 RRS. May also work with older Discos)

Land Rover
Land Rover Discovery 5
  1. Put the Gearbox in PARK 
  2. Start the engine 
  3. Set the suspension to Normal Height 
  4. Open the driver’s door 
  5. Press the brake pedal lightly 3 times, letting the pedal come up fully each time 
  6. And close the door within 10 seconds from first press of the brake pedal
  7. There will be 2 chimes from the instrument cluster after the door is closed, if successful
  8. Each time the door is opened and closed, 2 chimes will sound, indicating it is still in tight tolerance mode. 
  9. To deactivate: 
    1. Either turn the engine off, or drive it over 5 mp/h (8 km/h) 
    2. If you were to use this procedure for wheel alignment, you need to have the engine running the whole time. 
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