Basic OBD2 Scanners vs Full System Professional OBD2 scan tools.

You may see a number of different scan tools on our site and there is a large price range between the different tools. So, what is the difference and what one do you need?

We will start with the basic scan tools:

Now in the two links above you have a handheld and a phone app based basic OBD2 scan tools. What these tools allow you to do is read the engine faults and data from your car. If you see the check engine light come on then you can use these scan tools to diagnose what the fault is and once it has been fixed you can clear the fault code. This is a great tool for working out what is wrong with your vehicle or getting you out of trouble in your vehicle throws a fault code in remote areas and you end up in limp mode.

You can also view engine and transmission data. These are readings like boost, RPM, Load % and anything else that your car has a sensor for. With the OBD-AUS Bluetooth tool you can create a custom dashboards on your phone and use it with a number of different apps.

Now if you want to clear and check ABS, AirBag or any other check lights/systems then you will need a full system scan tool as this will allow you to access all of your cars modules such as:

ABS, SRS, Transmission, Body etc.

These full system scan tools also allow you to access the special functions such as activation’s, Battery System Management, Injector Coding and much more.

Now the systems that these full system OBD2 tools can access depends on the year and model of the car you have and the tool you are using so if you are after more data on any tool then please get in contact with us and we can send you the vehicle list.

See some of our full system scan tools here:

Any help you need just in contact with us!