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Torque OBD2 App

Torque OBD2 App: Adding Extra PIDs Why do you need to download an app like Torque OBD2 to match with your OBD2 scan tool? Here is one MAJOR reason why. Transmission Temperature and the Torque OBD2 App One of the most common questions we get here at OBD2 Australia is about transmission temperature and how to show it on the […]

how to use torque

Torque App and OBD2 Scan tools

Torque App and OBD2 Scan tools- A quick guide How do you use the Torque App and OBD2 Scan tools? The video will give you an idea of how to do it so you will get these: Connect your OBD2 scanner to your phone Check engine faults Create custom dashboards on your phone. The only […]

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