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obd2 post OBD2 Gauges and Dashboards

OBD2 Gauges and Dashboards

One of the cool things about the OBD2 system is that you can easily create custom dashboards with gauges on your phone or tablet. These will provide you with live and accurate information from your vehicle. To do this, all you need is one of our OBD-AUS OBD2 scanners and an app on your phone […]


OBD2 Port Wiring: What protocol does your car use?

So, you have found your OBD2 port. Now you are wondering what is all this talk about protocols and what does the 16 pins on my OBD2 port wiring mean. Read on to find out more. When you look at your OBD2 port, you notice that not all the pins have a metal connecter in […]


OBD2 Codes List

Ok so you have got your OBD2 scan tool and now you can see what is happening with your car. The check engine light now comes on. You plug in your tool and you get an error code. What now? What do these codes mean? In this article, we explore the list of OBD2 codes […]

can OBD2

What is CAN OBD2 u581? Does it have an alternative?

We get plenty of questions asking what is an alternative for the CAN OBD2 u581. This was one of the original OBD2 scanners in the market that did an outstanding job helping drivers and mechanics diagnose vehicles. Alusmart made this device, and they also called this the Memoscan U581 CAN. This device gave users easy […]


How to find your OBD?

How To Find Your OBD? What does the OBD2 connector look like and how to find your OBD port? On-board diagnostics (OBD) is the car’s ability to record and diagnose problems. The most common way to find out if your OBD works is when you notice if the engine light comes on. However, this does not […]

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