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OBD2 handheld scanner

Get a New OBD2 Handheld Scanner Today!

Are you having trouble connecting your OBD2 scan tool to a mobile device or computer? Or is your current OBD2 scanner old and technologically outdated? Either way, it’s time to upgrade to our new OBD2 handheld scanner today! What is an OBD2 Handheld scanner? A handheld OBD2 scanner is a portable electronic device that interfaces […]

Truck scan tool

Decode the Secrets With a Truck Scan Tool Today

Are you tired of spending hours trying to figure out what’s wrong with your truck? If so, it’s time to unlock the secrets with a truck scan tool. This powerful device is designed to diagnose and fix common issues, helping you save time and money, and we have it in-store! What is a Truck Scan […]

need an OBD2 Scanner today

Why do you need an OBD2 scanner today?

Why do more car owners advocate having an OBD2 scanner ready in vehicles? In this article, we’ll do a quick look at car diagnostic tools and try to convince you why you need an OBD2 scanner today! Why buy an OBD2 scanner? On-Board Diagnostic 2 (OBD2) scanners are tools to diagnose and troubleshoot issues with […]

BMW diagnostic tool

Are you looking for the ideal OBD2 BMW diagnostic tool?

We all adore our BMWs, and you agree that they deserve the best care! Though it’s not just focusing on the outside (e.g. new paint job, wheel rims) when we want to show our love for our BMW cars or motorcycles. Protecting your vehicles from the inside (e.g., ECU, engine) is just as important. Thus, […]

engine overheating

Engine Overheating (and how it can ruin vacations)

What better way to spend it than to take a quick road trip outside the city to enjoy a nice view and some fresh air. For some strange reason, though, some cars seem not to like the holidays and begin to act up just when you’re about to embark on a long journey. The most […]

Toolbox Essentials

Toolbox Essentials: Must-Have Tools for Any Driver

Whenever you go out on the road, it’s not just your engine and tyres that you should check. It is also essential that you bring along the critical tools for the journey. Or what we would like to call here in OBD2 Australia as Toolbox Essentials. Our Toolbox Essentials Screwdrivers and socket wrenches Tighten those […]

What Does J2534 Mean

What does J2534 Mean?

More than just a code, what J2534 does mean is a standard communication protocol created by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) for vehicle electronic control unit (ECU) reprogramming. The introduction of J2534 required auto manufacturers to develop a universal application programming interface (API) on their vehicles. And this allowed even aftermarket tools to perform […]

motorcycle care tips

Here are Some Motorcycle Care Tips

Nothing ruins a good road trip more than your motorcycle breaking down in the middle of the highway. To avoid another of these episodes (and buying your mates a round of tallies for the hassle), we have here some motorcycle care tips you can DIY before your next ride. How to take care of your […]

car battery care

How Should You Do Car Battery Care?

Before we go into the “how to do car battery care?”, it’s essential to know the “why”. Your car battery’s primary function is to start your vehicle. It does so by providing the electric current to “ignite” the internal combustion chamber of the engine.  Once you’ve started your car, the battery also powers your car’s […]

vehicle fluids

You Need to Watch These Vehicle Fluids

Keeping your vehicle fluids at their proper levels help your car run smoothly and prolongs its useful life. They are one of the most important consumable parts of the vehicle and are needed to ensure it will continue to run.  Vehicle Fluids Checklist Aside from your fuel, you need to constantly monitor these vehicle fluids. […]

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