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VLinker Forscan Upgrade

Treat your Ford & Mazda With a Forscan Upgrade today!

FORSCAN recently updated its list of supported adapters. And, as you know, the creators of Forscan have advised users that to maximise the use of the software, you need to have a quality adapter that meets their technical requirements.  Thus, to get a more stable service and reliable data from the Forscan software, it’s time […]


What Is Forscan and how to use Forscan?

What is Forscan? It is this amazing piece of software that gives you a professional full system diagnostic tool for your Ford or Mazda at a fraction of the price. This will work with most Fords/Mazdas in Australia from 1999+. How to use the Software? Works with Android Devices and Windows Computers – OBD-AUS Forscan […]

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