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dpf regen

DPF Regeneration: What is it and How to manually do it?

If you own a diesel-powered vehicle, then it should be a given that you understand the importance of a DPF and DPF Regeneration. However, if you still get confused about what these are, read on. Here, we’ll try to help you appreciate the concepts more. What DPF and DPF Regeneration is? Diesel Particulate Filters (or […]

obd2 post What is DPF and how does it work How to clean

What is DPF and how does it work (How to clean)?

A DPF or a Diesel Particulate Filter captures and stores the exhaust soot in order to help reduce the emissions of diesel cars. And every so often they have to be burned off as they only have so much storage capacity. This is when your vehicle does a DPF regeneration. Passive, active and forced DPF […]

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