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car battery care

How Should You Do Car Battery Care?

Before we go into the “how to do car battery care?”, it’s essential to know the “why”. Your car battery’s primary function is to start your vehicle. It does so by providing the electric current to “ignite” the internal combustion chamber of the engine.  Once you’ve started your car, the battery also powers your car’s […]

vehicle fluids

You Need to Watch These Vehicle Fluids

Keeping your vehicle fluids at their proper levels help your car run smoothly and prolongs its useful life. They are one of the most important consumable parts of the vehicle and are needed to ensure it will continue to run.  Vehicle Fluids Checklist Aside from your fuel, you need to constantly monitor these vehicle fluids. […]

Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light On: What does it mean?

The dreaded check engine light turns on. And, it came with other flashing lights and the traction control on your vehicle (we’ll use a Toyota Prado 2012 for this purpose. When these lights come up, they don’t give complete information about what’s wrong with your car. Your engine may still be running even. What do […]

check engine

What does it mean if the Check Engine Light is On?

Quick Answer: You will need a Scan Tool to see what the fault is and clear this fault. Click here to view the Scan Tool. It may be a minor or major engine fault, but we should never (ever) ignore it. In today’s article, we talk all about the check engine light (CEL)- what does it […]

mazda check engine2

Mazda 3 Check Engine Light

What causes the Mazda 3 Check Engine Light to turn on? Mazda 3 Check engine light is on? There are many reasons (both minor and major) why the check engine light illuminates on a Mazda 3. We have compiled a list of some of the most common causes: Loose fuel cap: Before you start looking […]

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