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Our XTROS smart electronic throttle controller will put a simile on your face with its ease of installation and advanced driving modes. Providing you with a number of different driving modes depending on if you want increased performance, improve fuel economy, better towing, faster pick up all with the push of a button. XTROS is  designed with the Australian market in mind and is built using the latest quad core 64bit technology. With a easy to read LCD showing you the mode you are in so you can quickly see or change this with the push of a button on the unit on your dash.

Reduce your throttle lag today and make it up that dune!

  • Works with most cars 2002+ check our models list.
  • Improve throttle response and pick up
  • Improve fuel economy by 8%
  • 2 minutes to install – Super Simple
  • Auto mode to let your car learn how you drive
  • Latest technology and quality components
  • Easy to use
  • 30 Days money back – Give it go!
  • Life Time Warranty
  • Australian Support

Express Shipping Available = 2 – 3 Days for $9.90

Otherwise Free Shipping = 3 – 8 Days.

Easy Return Policy and Quick Support Always Provided. 

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The XTROS electronic smart throttle controller will allow you to have full control over your driving style. Need quicker pick up not problem at all just select this on the controller and it will be like you are driving a new car. Great for those utes or cars that have slow pick up. (A number of the main utes are terrible)

How does the XTROS throttle controller work? Most cars have a sensor that reads the pressure applied to the accelerator pedal . This data is then measured and sent to the engine. Now like anything factory in a car there is room for improvement so what the XTROS does is provide so serious smarts to this sensor and allows you to improve and speed this up.

6 Modes with 46 Settings! No matter the driving conditions or what response you want you can get it with the XTROS. So no matter if you are towing, driving long distances or taking on the dunes you can select the mode that will suit these conditions.

Sports Mode: Increased throttle response and pick up. Great for towing or just everyday driving for vehicles that have slow pick up.

Comfort Mode: Slight increase in throttle response measured by throttle depth so great for off road driving.

Match Mode: Instant response from your throttle as you accelerate your vehicle will respond instantly.

Economy Mode: Gentle reduction in throttle response which is great for long distance driving or in cases where you need to feather the pedal. (Saving fuel)

Auto Mode: The real smarts. This will allow the controller to learn your style of driving and adjust the response to suit this.

Off Mode: This mode will place your car back to how it was before the i-Epic was installed.

Great Features:

  • Automatic brightness adjustment – Easy to read during the day and not too bright at night
  • 46 Different settings
  • Easy installation
  • Wide vehicle coverage – Check our list to see if your car is on the list
  • Latest 64bit Smart Chip – Best on market!
  • Auto learn mode


It could not be easier – Plug & Play. If you have a look at the top of your accelerator pedal you will see a plug all you have to do is pull that plug out and plug in the XTROS y-cable and you are good to go. 2 minute installation time.


Will this fit my vehicle?
Please check the drop down list at the top of the page. If your vehicle does not come up please get in contact with us as it might still be compatible.

Is this any different from the others out there on the market?
They all do the same thing at the end of the day. But our controller is the latest version with a 64 bit chip (Best in the market) which provides you with quality, smart and safe device that will preform 100% every day! Having this better chip allows better processing to improve the response you car has to offer compared to other brands.

Will this effect my new cars warranty?
This will depend on your cars warranty as it is not something it comes with from the factory so therefore is aftermarket. However it has no effect/records on the car so when unplugged the car is back to factory.


Paul B – Whoooooo like a completely different car. No more slow pick up in first gear and picks up much better in all gears.

Nick W – Smile went straight to my face. For something so easy to install the difference is huge. Thanks guys!

Martin T – Easy to install and setup. Took me all of 5 minutes. Improved take off which is great when towing my van.

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Toyota Camry 2002-2005 Engines: 2.0L-2.2L, Toyota Camry 2006+ All Petrol Engines, Toyota Corolla 2005-2007, Toyota Corolla 2008+, Toyota FJ Cruiser, Toyota Hiace, Toyota Hiace Commuter, Toyota Hilux 2006-2016, Toyota Hilux 2016+, Toyota LandCruiser 100 Series V8 2000+, Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series 2007+, Toyota LandCruiser VDJ76/78/79 2008-2009, Toyota LandCruiser VDJ76/78/79 2009+, Toyota Prado 2005-2009, Toyota Prado 2009+, Toyota Rav 4 -2004 Petrol 2.0L, Toyota Rav 4 2005+, Toyota Yaris 2006+ All Petrol Engines