Val-Flate Tyre Deflator Valves


Val-Flate TyreWatcher Tyre Deflator Valves allow you to quickly and easily deflate all your tyres and, at the same time to set pressure.

  • Easy To Deflate – Screw On
  • Set the pressure from 6 – 30 PSI
  • 4 x Quality Brass Built Valves with High Temp Seals
  • Easy to Use
  • Wide Air Hole Release for Quicker Deflation
  • Great for 4WDs and Caravans
  • Small Form Carry Case
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VAL-FLATE Tyre Deflator Valves

The Val-Flate tyre deflator valves are an excellent accessory for your compressor bag. All you need to do is set the valves at a pressure between 6-30PSI that suits you. Then you just screw the valves onto your tyres, which will deflate to this set pressure.

Val-Flate Tyre Deflator Valves


  • No tools required
  • Can be used on any standard valve stem
  • Adjust tyre pressure from 6 to 30psi.
  • Easily disassembled to clean out sand or dirt
  • Simply thread onto stems and walk away
  • Manual start/stop valve built in
  • Made from 100% brass material to eliminate rust
  • Air immediately releases from tyre once screwed on


Material: Brass
Pressure Range: 6-30 PSI
Overall Size: 12x39mm
Interface Diameter: 8mm

Val-Flate Tyre Deflator Valves


Step 1: Deflate one tyre to your preferred deflation pressure.(Using your deflation gauge not included)
Step 2: With the lock ring and adjusting cap wound down, screw your deflator on the valve stem. (Be sure to make sure the threads are clean and in good condition)
Step 3: Pull manual release valve stem and then loosen cap (counter-clockwise) until deflator pops open, then immediately tighten the cap to the position where the air stops exhausting.
Step 4: Turn lock ring up to adjust cap and tighten.
Step 5: Do this for the rest of the valves on the same tyre. Installation is now complete and set to your preferred deflation pressure
Step 6: When using always pull manual release valve once you screw on to remove any dirt etc from valve and ensure it works correctly.


4 x Tyre Deflator

1 x Carry Case

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  1. Bloody brilliant, works a treat and factory set to 18psi. Case would be nicer if they didnt stick the barcode to it, horrible to remove

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