TyreWatcher X2 Repeater


TyreWatcher X2 Repeater. This may be needed on some setups if you are seeing 88 come up which means there has been no signal received. The reasons for drop put can vary as everyones vehicle and caravan setup is different.

  • Small Form Factor
  • Boost The Signal From Wheel Sensors
  • Waterproof
  • Easy Install just needs 12V
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TyreWatcher X2 Repeater this will allow the signal from the wheel sensors to be boosted so they you will no longer see the 88 come up as a pressure on your display. 

The reason for this happening are varied as every vehicle and caravan are different. It could be material like a steel tool box on a ute tray or could be interference from another system that is running it all depends. 


Step 1: If possible it is best to roughly rig the repeater up to where you think you will put it. We suggest on the A Frame of the caravan or rear of vehicle for example some people add a cigarette plug to it and put it at the top of the rear window. You will need the red wire to 12V power and black wire to ground. Do not connect yet. 

Step 2: On your display press the left button (+) to enter menu then press it two more times and you will see “Pt” on the screen. Press the middle button “M” and you will see “PU t” . Connect power to the repeater and you will see the light flash red once on the repeater. Press the middle button again and you will see it “PU t” starts to flash. The  repeater light will then flash twice and you will see your display restart. You are now in repeater mode.

Step 3: Go for a driver over 20min and just make sure there is no longer any drop puts happening. So you will not see the 88 come up as a pressure. If you do try the repeater in a higher/different position.

Step 4: Once all is good you can mount the repeater how you like it is waterproof so however you need to mount it will be fine. The display will stay in repeater mode and paired to repeater. 

NOTICE: When using a steel canopied ute (or similar vehicle) please contact us first with a photo of your set-up so we can advise the best mounting position. Steel canopies, even with a repeater/booster, can still block signal transmission so the repeater will need to be mounted in an area wherein the steel canopy is not blocking the way between the repeater and the display unit.

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  1. Unit was easy to instal and solved the problem of my caravan TPMS sensors dropping out quite frequently. TPM sytsem now works well. Very happy, money well spent

  2. Totally resolved the flashing 88 signal issue on my Tyrewatcher X2, I hooked it up to a cigarette plug in the back of a Pajero Sport 4wd, turned on and changed the Tyrewatcher to repeater mode. Simple and works. I have 18ft Jayco Expanda which required this unit to work.

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