Truck TPMS CAN System 1 – 22 Tyre Sensors


Truck TPMS System with CAN Output to connect into your telemetry or data systems. This option has no in cab display but it is possible to add one if needed.

  • Easy Screw On External Sensors
  • Up to 5 Year Battery Life on Sensors (Batteries are not replaceable, sealed units)
  • Repeater & Receiver Included
  • J1939 CAN Transmission
  • Up to 22 Tyre Sensors
  • 0 – 203psi Pressure Range
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Product Overview

Our Truck TPMS System with CAN Output connects directly to your telemetry or data systems. With an easy pairing system, it is easy to setup and use with any device or in cab display, depending on your preferences. With IP67 grade waterproofing and a 5 year battery life, you wont need to worry about your sensors or tyre pressure, meaning you can be on the road faster!


  • Built to last with 5 Year Batteries & IP67 Grade Waterproofing
  • View your whole truck system with 8 – 22 sensor system packages
  • Connect to any display system to make the transition easy
  • Easy to install & sync
  • Large 8mm Valve sensors
  • View your whole system all at once with the receiver & repeater extension system, allowing fast speed on both front or back

Product Features

  • Supports up to 22 tyres
  • Supports SJ1939 / J1939 CAN Transmission
  • ID Learning / ID Query
  • 5 Year battery life on sensors (Not replaceable, Sealed)
  • Pressure & Temperature Measurement
  • Send tyre data via the CAN-BUS system
  • Can be easily fixed in place under truck chassis
  • 8mm valve sensors
  • Can be monitored & measured simultaneously with consistent data refresh rates
  • Built to Last with IP67 Grade Protection to guarantee waterproof ability for both the sensors & repeaters
  • Repeater works with DC12V to DV36V

How it works

Our Truck TPMS CAN System Can connect directly to your telemetry or data systems. It is also possible to pair this to some of our displays. It works through a radio connection through a repeater to connect to the receiver to ensure all sensors on your truck, regardless of length, are able to send data through the receiver as the repeater assists in connection range. This will connect to your current system.

From Your Sensor to a Repeater to a Receiver


  • Built to last with a 5 Year Battery Life (Not Replaceable)
  • Sealed tight with IP67 Grade Protection
  • Has 8mm Valve Sensors
  • Supports pressures ranging from 0 – 203PSI 


  • Ensures your sensors are in range from the front of your truck to the back
  • Mirrors data signals from the sensors to the repeater
  • Works with voltages ranging from 12v to 36v
  • Fast Sync rate to ensure constant data refresh


  • Supports ID Learning/ Query
  • Easy to connect and monitor sensor data
  • Seamless refresh rate ensuring you know the second something goes wrong
  • Supports SJ1939 / J1939 CAN Transmission

Whats in the kit?

  • 1 Repeater
  • 1 Receiver
  • Connection Cables
  • 8 – 22 Sensors (Depending on Kit)
  • 2 Rubber Brackets
  •  Sensor Lock Nuts


Product Specifications for TPMS 1-22
Four TPMS External Sensors for Car Tyres Warning

Additional information

Number of External Sensors

8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22


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