Toyota TPMS Tyre Pressure Monitoring System – 4 Sensors


Toyota In-Dash Rocker Switch Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (suits Short Toyota Type Switches. See models below).

  • In-Dash Easy Install Display
  • 4 External or Internal Sensors
  • Live Wireless Tyre Pressures
  • Live Tyre Temperatures
  • Auto Alarms for Leaks & Pressure/Temp Issues
  • User Set Alarm for High & Low Pressure
  • Max Pressure 116psi
  • Easy to Install & Setup
  • 12 Month Warranty*
  • Australian Stock & Support
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External Sensors
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12V Battery Monitor Bluetooth Wireless
Normal Batteries
Toyota OBD2 Scan Tool Full System
Total: $149.00


  • Toyota RAV4 | 2006 to 2011
  • Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series | 2008 to Current (2017+)
  • Toyota Prado 200 Series | 2015 – Onward
  • Toyota Prado 150 Series | 2010 – Onward
  • Toyota Hilux 2015 – Onwards (Current model)
  • Toyota Fortuner 2016 – Onwards
  • Toyota Camry 2011 – 2014
  • Toyota Corolla 2006 – 2013
  • Toyota Tacomo 212 – 2014 (Center console)
  • Toyota Tundra 2007 – 2014
  • Toyota Kluger 2008 – current


What are the internal sensors or external sensors? What ones do I need?

The internal sensors require the tyre to be removed to fit and they replace the factory valve. They are good as they are inside the tyre so protected from all elements. The external sensors are much easier to install as they just screw onto the existing valve.

How long do the batteries last?

The external sensors should last 1-2 years and the internal sensors will last 3-5 years. The external sensors just use a common CR type battery so are easily replaced. The internal sensors have a larger built in battery so once there life is over you replace them. 

*Batteries may or may not last up to two years on some units (depending on use and battery condition). Batteries not covered by the product warranty. These are FREE batteries and are pre-installed before the product gets to you. This means that even when not in use they can have a tendency to discharge and in the event that the batteries are flat on the sensors, you may need to replace them. OBD2 Australia will NOT replace batteries or sensors just because its battery has gone flat.

The internal sensors what do I do when they tyres are rotated? 

The display unit has a swap function so you just use this to move the positions of the tyres.

Do I need to get the wheels balanced? 

The external sensors are light weight so will be fine but we recommend leaving them on when your tyres are next balanced. The internal sensors are most likely being installed at a tyre shop and the tyres are being removed so you will get these balanced.

Will the display fit my Toyota? 

You can see our list above it will fit the short common type Toyota panel rocker switch position.


What do I do if a sensor is not reading or showing false readings?

1. First you need to ensure that the sensor in question is synched or paired correctly to the display unit. See User Manual to Synch/Pair Sensors. If this is done and the issue still persists, proceed to 2.

2. Try moving the sensor to a different tyre, then see if the readings change or stay the same. If it’s a rear sensor, move it forward. If front, move it to the front opposite side.

3. You may need to replace the battery on the sensor. Ensure that after a battery replacement, the correct Synch/Pair process is done. 


What do I do if all the above steps do not work?

The device/unit may need to be replaced under warranty. For warranty replacements, we require video proof showing the problem. You can send the video to or if it’s too large, you can upload to Youtube or Google Drive. Don’t forget to share us the link.

The video proof must show the troubleshooting steps above executed thoroughly.

Please bear in mind that these TPMS units require a step-by-step technique to set-up, and if done incorrectly the device will not function properly.

A non-working device does not necessarily mean its faulty. Sometimes the cause may be an incorrect set-up, therefore it is prudent to execute the set-up throughly with the aid of the guides above.

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  1. Can barely see it as the switch panel is facing downward

  2. As I am an older person I found it difficult to install so I had to go to a sparky

  3. Easy to install works 👍

  4. Instals easily and easily visible when driving.
    However, like some other reviews, all pressure sensors under-read by 4-5psi. Keeping this in mind, the system’s main role is identifying a deflated tyre, which hopefully will activate its alarm function.

  5. Have used for 3 months now working fine

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