Topdon Ninja 1000 Key Programming Tool


The T-Ninja1000 is an OBD2 key programming tool for the automotive immobiliser system. Its integrated RFID Induction Slot diminishes human error and picks up data instantly, making your workflow more efficient. With a real-time guided operation and built-in tips and hints, this product will minimise your downtime and speed up your work. This cost-effective device maximises its value with so many practical functions.

  • Read Pin Codes
  • Read Pin Codes
  • Add Keys and Erase Keys
  • Step-By-Step Operating Tips
  • Always Be Up-To-Date​ With TOPDON’s Constant Upgrades and Work on the Latest Vehicles
  • Database With Over 5,000 Vehicle Model Details
  • Comes with an Integrated RFID Induction Slot
  • ​Key Programmer​ through OBD – no soldering or EEPROM required

*Windows Computer Required for Activation and Updates

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Unboxing Video and How to use the Topdon Ninja 1000
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The Topdon T-Ninja1000 is an OBD key Programming tool for the automotive immobiliser system. It’s integrated RFID the Induction Slot diminishes human error and picks up data instantly. This cost-effective device maximises it’s value with so many useful functions and allows anyone to be able to easily use it.

Video Series

How to Register and Upgrade TOPDON T-NINJA 1000
Programming A Key
Credits to RMautodiag
How to Use T-Ninja 1000


What's in the Kit


The key, in general, is used to start the car’s engine, while the remote control can open and close the vehicle’s door remotely. The key contains an electronic anti-theft chip that must be programmed. Some models will perform the remote matching automatically after the key is matched. Other makes (such as Toyota or FCA-equipped vehicles) require users to match the key and the remote control separately.

That varies according to each vehicle brand. For example, a lost key will automatically be invalid for some Ford models if a new key is matched.

That varies according to each vehicle brand. However, your T-Ninja 1000 can read the vehicle’s information and indicate the maximum number of keys that can be matched.

Here are some ways to fix this issue:

1. Try another USB slot or restart the PC;

2. Try to use another USB cable;

3. Remove the tool’s SD card, insert it again, and then try to connect it to the PC;

If the problem persists, please contact TOPDON’s technical support.

1. Connect T-Ninja 1000 to PC and log in to “PC SUITE”;””z””

2. Perform the “Device Reset” Function;

3. Reconnect the T-Ninja 1000 to the PC and log in to “PC SUITE” again. Then try to reinstall the software upgrade.

1. Make sure  the OBD2 cable is properly connected to the DLC port;

2. Check if the pins in the OBD2 connector are damaged;

3. Check if the DLC port is in good condition;

4. Ensure that the software latest version has been updated;

If the problem persists, please contact TOPDON’s technical support.


  • Operating System: Rt-thread
  • CPU: ARM Cortex-M4, 180MHz
  • Display: 5.0” TFT LCD, 800*480 Resolution
  • Memory: 256M RAM, 128M ROM, 16G Micro SD
  • Material: ABS Plastic Shell, Silicone Button Starting time: ≤3S
  • Connectivity: USB1.1
  • OBD Interface: OBD-II 16PIN
  • Buzzer: 85db / min at10cm
  • Current: 500mA (typical)
  • Input Voltage: DV 12V
  • Power Consumption: 1.8W (typical)
  • Battery: 350mAh Button Battery (not rechargeable)
  • Working Humidity: ≤95% RH
  • Working Voltage: 12V ± 25%
  • Working Temperature: 14℉ – 131℉ ( 10°C – 55°C)
  • Storage Temperature:
  • Dimensions: 231.5*141.5*35mm (9.11*5.57*1.38 inches)
  • Weight: 480g (16.93oz)
NOTICE: To ensure compatibility, please contact OBD2 Australia FIRST prior to purchase. Returns and refunds due to incompatibility (without or against OBD2 Australia advise) will be subject to our Returns Policy and Terms and Conditions. 


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