Paint Coating Thickness Gauge Meter

Paint Coating Thickness Gauge Meter


Easy to use paint coating thickness gauge allows you too quickly, non-destructively and accurately get a measure of the thickness of the paint on your car or other surface. Easy to read screen with a backlight so can be used in areas were there is no light. One button press is all it takes to get a measure from the accurate sensor.

  • Easy to use
  • Measures in mm/mil (1 micron = .001mm)
  • Clear reading with backlight
  • Takes two common CR batteries
  • Highly accurate .01
  • 12 Month Warranty.
  • Australian Support.

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Otherwise Free Shipping = 3 – 8 Days.

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You can now check the paint and coating thickness on the go with this portable thickness gauge meter. Take thickness measurements accurately and quickly with this tool.

How to use:

– Hold unit away from any surfaces and press CLR button to turn on and self calibrate.
– Press the probe of the unit at 90 degrees onto surface your are measuring.
– LCD will display — as it measures. Do not remove until a value is displayed.
– Unit will power off automatically or you can press the CLR button to turn off.