OBDEleven PRO Pack

OBDEleven PRO Pack

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OBDEleven Professional diagnostic tool in your pocket for VAG vehicles. This tool allows you to have a full system scan tool for your Audi, VW or Skoda. This tool plugs into cars OBD2 port and communicates using the OBDEleven app on your phone. It allows to fully access all car systems, program, monitor and activate various functions via your iOS and Android devices.This allows you to do coding and change advance features that you can not normally access these are thing like turning off the start/stop function or changing the indicator blinking style it allows you to access these advance features and personalised your vehicle to how you want it.

Check & Clear – Faults in all systems 
Service Functions – Reset Service Indicators
Coding – Change Advance Settings

Official and licensed full-featured software is constantly updated with new features. The programming temporarily is not supported on models that are manufactured from 2020 and have SFD protection. The negotiation regarding the support of these models is in progress.


  • Next generation device PRO version
  • 200 credits included
  • Change advance settings with long coding
  • Easy to use app
  • Check and Clear all faults
  • View live data
  • Reset Service Intervals
  • Manual DPF Regen

Check if you car is covered Click Here

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Easy Return Policy and Quick Support Always Provided.



OBDEleven has changed the way things are done on your Audi, VW or Skoda. In the past if you wanted make adaptions and personalise your car you would need to use software and enter in coding options that could be confusing. Now if you want to turn off that start stop feature or other options it is easy to do with an app that makes sense.

The evolutionary car diagnostics software for programming, monitoring, adaptations and much more. OBDeleven PRO license provides the functionality of complex and expensive diagnostic systems allowing to unlock hidden features and activate more functions.

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Technology has improved our vehicles and changed the way we interact with them, requiring advanced equipment to understand their needs. That’s why we’ve developed evolutionary diagnostic tool – OBDeleven. Device that lets you easily connect to the car, monitor all systems and activate various comfort features


One-Click-Apps available on your car may depend on the vehicle equipment. Check the full list of supported APPS and their value in credits HERE.



Official and licensed full-featured software is constantly updated with new features. The minimum software version needed: iOS 11 and above, Android 5.0 and above.



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  1. Mark Valente

    Awesome & iOS app works great!

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