OBD-AUS Bluetooth Scan Tool – OBD2 Scan Tool

OBD-AUS Bluetooth Scan Tool – OBD2 Scan Tool

(162 customer reviews)


The OBD-AUS V4 Bluetooth is our OBD2 scan tool that has been created to offer you the best experience and ease of use to get the data you want from your car and check and clear your engine check light. With a high quality micro-chip manufactured in the USA (not a cheap clone), Multi protocols and small size it is the perfect OBD2 scan tool to view all the engine data that your car can supply.

Check why your engine check light is on and diagnose where the fault is coming from.
Clear this engine check light.
Create custom dashboards to view accurate live gauges.

  • Works with Cars in Australia rom 2006+ *. Also on some older but leave a message and we will check or check our list here.
  • Works with Android and Apple (iPhone) devices.(Also Computers)
  • Retrieves only engine fault codes and clear engine check lights.
  • Create custom dashboards and trip computers on your phone.
  • Works with a number of scan tool apps like Torque (Android), Car Scanner ELM OBD (iPhone) etc.
  • Check the performance of your car (BHP, 0-60).
  • Latest bluetooth for easy wireless connection and faster speeds.
  • Password/Pairing Protected.
  • Easy to use.
  • 12 Month Warranty.
  • Australian Support.

Please note V4 is now the latest bluetooth V4 and will work with both Android and Apple (iPhone) devices. 

Express Shipping Available = 2 – 3 Days for $9.90

Otherwise Free Shipping = 3 – 8 Days.

Easy Return Policy and Quick Support Always Provided. 

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The OBD-AUS Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool (Car Scanner) works by being plugged into your OBD2 port and reading data from a number of sensors on your car. You will find this port within 50cm of your steering wheel (Check below steering wheel and above pedals, can be behind plastic cover) and it is easy to access. Check our post here on how to find it. This data is then displayed on your phone or tablet using a free OBD scan tool app that you download from the play or app store. You can also scan the QR code on the back of the packaging and it will take you to our website install page that shows you what and how to install the app. There are a large number of these ranging from free to $10 and you can check them out here

Apps we suggest:

iPhone iOS: Car Scanner ELM OBD

Android: Car Scanner ELM OBD, Torque

OBD2 bluetooth scan tool 2

You can check what fault codes are causing that check engine light and what they mean when they happen on your car with this OBD2 Scan Tool. You can also use this tool to make custom dashboards with live data that will display on your phone or tablet while you are driving. So you can view things like coolant temperature, air intake temperature, boost and a number of others. Or make up a custom trip computer with all the gauges you need. Please note this tool is able to check engine/general faults and if you want to access other modules on your vehicle like ABS or Air Bags etc you will need a full system scan tool. Please view these here.

You can find out why the annoying check engine light keeps coming on and fix this problem and clear this check engine light. Saving you from having to go to to the mechanic and paying $100 for them just to tell you that there was dust around your fuel flap door and this was causing your car to think that it was open (all to common problem).

Unsure about OBD2 and the benefits it has then check out our blog post – click here!

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Key Features:

•  Wireless Bluetooth scan tool scanning tool that supports all OBD2 protocols

• Compatible with OBD II compliant vehicles. In Australia these are cars 2006 and newer.

• 3000 fault code definition database

• Create custom dashboards with live data

• Turn off your engine check light

• 16-pin socket plug and play


Display a Live Dashboard: (On your phone)

• Engine RPMs

• Calculated load value

• Coolant temperature

• Fuel system status

• Vehicle speed

• Short-term fuel trim

• Long-term fuel trim

• Intake manifold pressure

• Timing advance

• Intake air temperature

• Air flow rate

• Absolute throttle position

• Oxygen sensor voltages

• Associated short term fuel trims

• Fuel system status

• Fuel pressure – Plus many more!



Will it work with my car?

If your car is 2006 or newer then yes it is full OBD2 and it will work with your car. If you car is older then please contact us or check out our compatible car list here.

*Some early and even late 2006 models were not OBD2 compliant yet even if mandated by law. Please check with us first to ensure compatibility. 

Please note that not all live data parameters and gauges may be available on your vehicle model.

How do I install it and get it to work?

All cars have a diagnostics port (OBD) and if your car is OBD2 it has to be within reaching distance of the steering wheel. Look under the steering wheel and above your pedals and you will find it. Then all you have to do is plug it in and download the app on your phone. Check out our installation page here! Or the videos below.

Can I leave it plugged in?

Yes you can as it has small power usage when in sleep mode. However if you are parking your car up for a month or more we suggest you take it out.

Will it clear my engine fault and tell me whats wrong?

Yes it will do both of these it is a OBD2 scan tool. In the app you just click on check engine faults. It will then come up with code like this P0171 – Oxygen Sensor. So you know the problem is with the oxygen sensor and then the best thing to do is google the code and your cars year and model. e.g. Toyota Hilux 2017 P0171. Nine times out of ten this will be a common problem and the answer will be the first thing that pops up.

Do I need internet connection for this ?

The only time you need internet connection is when you are downloading the app after that you do not need it. So when you are out in the outback with no coverage yes it will still work and allow you to check/clear faults and access your engines data.

Can I use on multiple cars and with different apps ?

Of course you can just unplug it and plug it into any car you like. Takes all of 2 seconds. Yes you can use multiple apps and on multiple devices. Just download the apps that best suit your needs. You can see a list of a few below and what they do.

Does this show the transmission temperature ?

Yes it can read transmission temperatures but it’s not enabled by default. You will need to program the app it works with to read that parameter. The programming is called ‘PID codes’ and you can usually find these through an online search (the codes also vary depending on vehicle make and model).  Due to the numerous variable PIDs available for transmission temperature, OBD2 Australia does not provide these PIDs.

Other Apps:

Or scan tool has been left open so you can connect it to a number of apps. This allows our users to connect to the app they need. We have give the apps we have suggest above but these are also other apps you can use:

Car Scanner ELM OBD – iOS & Android – Free & Paid – Great app for all car makes and models to create dashboards and read/clear faults.

Torque (lite)– Android – Free & Paid – Great app for all car makes and models to create dashboards and read/clear faults.

Dr Prius / Dr Hybrid – iOS & Android – Free & Paid – Great app for Hybrid cars that give you a professional tool to examine and monitor your vehicles HV battery. Works on the following hybrids: Prius, Prius C, Camry, Lexus ES RX GS LS UX CT.

VAG DPF (Free) – Android – Free & Paid – Great app for VW, Audi and Skoda’s allowing you to see in depth data about your DPF particulate filter and its regeneration phases.

OBD Fusion -iOS (currently not working)

Plus plenty more apps out there!



“Must have tool for any car owner. Allows you to trouble shoot and clear engine codes. Quality device that works with all the apps I have tried”

“Awesome, I now have a live dashboard on my phone showing me all sorts of data. Allows me to keep an eye of transmission temp and check and clear any faults myself. Handy when you are out in the middle of no where.”

“Had a problem I knew about that keep throwing the check engine light and putting car into limp mode. Two tows later and $$$. Got me one of these and I can clear and check myself and get car out of limp mode.”


  • Model name: OBD-AUS Bluetooth V4
  • Current: 25 – 35 mA
  • Voltage: 9 – 16v
  • Range: 3 to 10 m
  • Item size: 4.3cm x 2.5cm x 3 cm


Video Series:

Connecting to Android Phone 


Connecting to iPhone iOS


Checking Engine Check Light

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 4 × 2.5 × 3 cm
Item Type

Code Readers & Scan Tools

Special Features

Bluetooth V4

Brand Name


Software Version

V1.5, works with all OBD2 Protocols cars

Product Name



PIC18F25K80, 4mhz crystal oscillator, Full OBD2 protocols commands


Free software by Scanning the QR code on packaging for IOS and Android

Compatible Vehicles

for ALL OBD2 cars.


Bluetooth (Android & ios)

162 reviews for OBD-AUS Bluetooth Scan Tool – OBD2 Scan Tool

  1. Aemon M.

    It’s a good product cheap for what it is, it would be helpful to note before purchase that the app costs money, also my scanner is not picking up an SRS airbag fault code. Overall for the money I spent on it I am happy with it.

  2. Andrew

    Exactly what I required and works extremely well with the Iphone app easy to use and understand.

  3. Anonymous

  4. Filip K.

    Great tool at the great price. Scanner was shipped and delivered in record braking time. Great, highly recomended service!!!

  5. Stephen Emerson

    Works perfectly.

  6. Robert D.

    Easily installed. Excellent corespondense. Fast delivery from WA.

  7. John

    Works well and easy to connect. However would have been nice to know the only data able to be displayed is RPM, Volts and Speed. This for a 2001 Disco TD5.

  8. Anonymous

    Unit works well and with the Torque full (paid) app you have access to heaps of info, including transmission temperature which is useful for some transmission oil changes.

  9. Luthfi Afiff

    Great product, easy to install and connect with Phone.

  10. Ben Garvey

    Great unit, does exactly what the advertising material said. I have purchased cheap units that were meant to work with apple and no luck, this unit works perfectly with my apple XS Max. Thanks

  11. Anonymous

  12. Neil C.

    Installing the hardware was relatively easy but figuring out how to best set up the app is not very clear. I am about to check out your web page to see if I can find out how to set up the app so that it gives me an overall diagnosis of my cars operation, ie: a one-stop page which gives me fault diagnoses as they happen.

  13. Timothy Hopkins

    Hard to connect sometimes but, very quick and reliable little unit with no issues thus far. Fast shipping and great communication.

  14. Murray M.

  15. Wayne

    What a top little unit!
    Does everything I wanted it to do, and more, for a bargain price!

  16. Shane MURRAY

    I received emails from Aust. Post advising me of the status of the delivery and asking for any alternate delivery destination. It arrived a day early. It worked immediately with Torque and Forscan demor versions on my 2007 Ford Fiesta. Forscan gave more information so I will buy both paid versions and see how we go.

  17. Roger Sayers

  18. Darryl

    Can’t connect to android stereo using Bluetooth, frustrating.

    • Ben

      Hi Darryl, Yes we tried to problem solve this for you but we believed it was because your android stereo is running the old bluetooth and not the new bluetooth. Cheers The OBD2 Team.

  19. Daniel J.

    Took a while to get to Qld but thats Auspost, easy to setup, connected easily, now I have to decide which app I’m going to use. Torque lite runs well on it, Carista runs well but you have to join to get the full thing although there is a free week of use to make your mind up and B Tool lite works OK mainly BMW but limited using the lite app. So it seems this OBD2 scanner will run nearly all apps well, and the price is right!!

  20. Errol Morris

    Excellent service. Sadly, not enough information on its capabilities and how the app required for full functionality was not mentioned.

    • Ben

      Hi Errol, thanks for the feedback we will update this and make it easier to understand. Cheers The OBD2 Team

  21. Barry Belton

    Arrived within 2 days, easy to use great tool

  22. harry

    quick delivery great product

  23. Tom K.

    awesome gadget! Love it!

  24. Andre

    Good Quality, visible and good packing, please think in more environmentally friendly one. Product need to be returned due to Locking protected ECU

    • Ben

      Ho Andre, No problem at all. Sorry to hear that your car has a locked ECU some older models do have this. Cheers OBD2 Team

  25. Aiden S.

    Fast delivery, item as described, A+ experience

  26. Scott

    Very easy to use and well thought out display.

  27. ROGER V.

    Fast post. Item as described. Feels good to be able to check for yourself. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  28. Ian W.

    I used OBD-AUS BLUETOOTH SCAN TOOL – OBD2 SCAN TOOL with the free Car Scanner app. Identified complaining sensors Ok and I was able to reset those sensors.

  29. Carl

    Brilliant – saved me paying $$ to check and clear a fault so literally paid for itself 2x immediately.
    Just a pity I still have to repair the fault:/

  30. Brad

  31. Peter M.

    item works , but does not connect to my bike ECU

    • Ben

      Hi Peter, We will send a email to see what bike you have. But you may need the bike connector which is different from this one. Cheers OBD2 TEam

  32. Michele S.

    great service & product

  33. Geoff Croucher

    Very happy with the OBD2 better than I expected. Very prompt service OBD2Australia.👍🏻

  34. Ray Youlden

    Seems to work well with my e63 mercedes, except does not display oil pressure.Any idea’s?

    • Ben

      Hi, Ray we will send you a email as you may need to enter in a extra PID into the app. Cheers OBD2 Team

  35. William C.

    The unit was promptly despatched and arrived on time. I used it to read then reset an engine fault code. It was easy to use.

  36. Cl8nton

    awesome product easy to use, great service really fast delivery, a big thanks to obd2 had a engine check light on a 2011 holden caprice v series v8 connect obd2 and after dianostic told me engine oil pressure switch faulty. replaced it and no more problems again thanks guys at obd2 highly recommend it

  37. Jamie

    Purchased for use with a Nissan Leaf and Leafspy, iPhone 7. Works perfectly and quick to post thanks!

  38. Tony B.

    Easy to use, does everything I required

  39. Shivesh P.

    Awesome net services from their easy to navigate store with instant personal messages to assist customers inquiries. Not to mention the reliable and affordable modern suite of products on offer. Highly recommended you won’t be disappointed!

  40. Carl P.

    Seems to work well but would like to have access to a few more areas.

  41. Lindsay Head

  42. Sonya

    Wasn’t 100% sure, yet when it came within the allotted time, the issue was solved within minutes. Great buy and would highly recommend!!

  43. Anonymous

    Ordered it, package arrived in Eastern Australia a few days later. Got it out the box, plugged it into the car, connected it to the Torque App, worked just as advertised. What more do you want?

  44. Matthew W.

    Quick dispatch, and works great on a 2004/5 Subaru Forester (though the unit is a bit tight in the area around the socket)

  45. Rodney

    Works well, but intermittently will not reconnect to phone when I re-enter the car, have to unplug and re-seat for Bluetooth connection to be established.

  46. Gerardo

  47. Stephen W.

    Fitted easily and working well

  48. David

    The app is abit average but the Bluetooth scanner is perfect

  49. Zac H.

    Great product works super well and not just cheap rubbish.

  50. Anonymous

    Worked well with Torque App on 2008 Kia Rondo UN

  51. Dale

    Great – lets me talk to my Leaf just fine

  52. Stephen T.

    Quick delivery and for the price this little ODB2 reader is awesome. Thanks heaps.

  53. David Baker

  54. Warren

    works fine easy to read

  55. Daniella T.

    Super fast delivery. Product works great.

  56. John F.

    Works really well on my 2002 Subaru Outback H6.

  57. Dennis

  58. Kahlyssa M.

  59. JOHN B.

    Great gadget, very easy to install/setup/run. Very fast updates, no drop-outs or instability. Some sensor info is blank, possibly as it’s not supported by the App or Car, otherwise Excellent. (LC200 1VD-FTV, iPhone 11 with CarScanner free App)

  60. James M.

    Fantastic product! Bought a cheaper one from eBay and it didn’t work. Saw this one online for a few dollars more and gave it ago. Sends accurate data to mobile phone.

  61. Kim A.

  62. Clint M.

    Yes this is a really useful piece of technology. I thought I had problems with my Holden captiva and its dpf. With this tool and a free app I was able to see when my dpf was full and when it was doing a burn. It put my mind at ease as I could see what the car was actually doing to manage it. It will save me money too because I can keep the dpf clean with out expensive fuel additives now.

  63. TRENT

    Great scanner that is compact and easily stored in the glovebox. Works on my Holden and Mazda.

  64. Shingirayi

  65. Anonymous

    It seems like a good tool but doesn’t tell me what my specific code is

    • Ben

      Hi, It should have given you a description of the fault code as well. For example:
      P0101 – Mass Air Flow Sensor Circuit Range/Performance. It will not tell you exactly what the issue is as these are all diagnostic tools so some diagnosing still needs to be done. Cheers The OBD2 Team

  66. Mark H.

    Excellent Product – I found my error code easily and went on to fix my car myself ( with Youtube help )

  67. Geoff Gadsden

    works as it should

  68. David

    easy to set up and worked perfectly

  69. Paul Cox

  70. Bastion

    Quick Delivery, plugged OBD2 to my vehicle and installed the app (Torque Lite), connected instantly and displayed error codes which saved me a trip to the mechanic as I can repair it myself. Highly recommend it and at such a great price everyone should have one.

  71. Joseph

    Fantastic product. Works seamlessly with my BT50 and my Beta 250rr dirt bike. I’ve had others from eBay but none functioned so well as this OBD2 device. I highly recommend this product. Joe- South Perth

  72. Gary

    simple to use, just plug and play,

  73. Darren Woodruff

    Simply the handiest tool to solve your car problems

  74. Anonymous

  75. P F.

    Works great took a little longer than I would have thought for it to recognise my phone and talk to each other but once it did it was fine. Now if I could find some decent software that actually reads my Cerato I would be really happy!!!

  76. Andrew

    Works great, connected quickly and easily

  77. Marc Morgan

    Worked perfectly on my 2011 Nissan Navara D40 STX 550. It was also Super easy to install. Used the Torque Pro App which is great and fairly straight forward to use. Excellent price and best reviews on the internet for this price. Don’t waste your time buying off eBay!

  78. Marc Morgan

    Worked perfectly on my 2011 Nissan Navara D40 STX 550. It was also Super easy to install. Used the Torque Pro App which is great and fairly straight forward to use. Excellent price and best reviews on the internet for this price. Don’t waste your time buying off eBay!

  79. Jayson H.

    Excellent customer service.
    Pairs effortlessly. Good scan tool to use with a variety of apps. Very simple to use.

  80. Brendon Hawkins

    Works ok just a blt slow

  81. Jamie

    Great unit and priced very well

  82. John

    As described and pictured. Quick ship & fair postage!

  83. Andrew P.

    Excellent product . Better then that Chinese crap of eBay . Works a treat with iPhone using the car scanner from App Store also .

  84. Glenn Wilkie

    Works great and easy to use.

  85. roger apthorpe

    Great for monitoring the running gear

  86. Gwen

    Great service, there was a hiccup with emails but they fixed it straight away and we were able to collect shortly after.

  87. Gary van Breda

    Works perfectly, just had to make sure I wasn’t connected to my cars bluetooth before trying to connect to the obd2 scanner. I use the torque app paired with the obd2 scanner and it helped diagnose a faulty valve that was causing a CEL. Changed the valve, cleared the faults and no more CEL. Arrived within 2 days even during covid19 which was awesome!

  88. PETER Davis

    Easy to use. A heap of sensors logged, many to choose from. Recording of trips for later review. Multiple cars can be used. Realtime data on your phone app. But very easy to use. Good product. Well Done.

  89. Anonymous

    Arrived in a timely manner was very impressed; especially when 9
    multiple online stores use COVID as an excuse for slow delivery. Did not have an effect on OBD2 Australia. Well done and thank you 🙂

  90. Marc Morgan

    Excellent product, worked perfectly on my 2011 Navara D40 STX-550. Using the Torque Pro App and no issues at all.

  91. Anonymous

    Works briliant

  92. Clive Thomas

    Loving it , lots of information . Well done guys.

  93. Daniel Cairns

    This little scan tool is fantastic does so much for such a little and inexpensive tool for diagnostic issues but also for detailed information regarding engine management, I highly rate this device. Cheers Daniel.

  94. Graham Nankivell

    Excellent product very happy

  95. Aaron T.

    It’s great, works well and I was able to clear the codes on my brother Chrysler voyager caused by a low battery… something the service department would have charged 120+ for… my brother decided to get one just because. Totally worth it

  96. Chris

    Easy to set up and works well with my diesel territory.

  97. Peter

    Fast delivery works well. Finding a app is t3h problem.

  98. Anonymous

    Worked flawlessly on the Subaru i have. Notsomuch on the bike

  99. Michael

    Works perfectly, as advertised, very simple to use

  100. Kara

    Extremely happy with this scan tool, does exactly what it says, gives me the information i need to diagnose the problem, very happy and quick postage

  101. Kevin Franklin

    im enjoying the obd2 and the information coming out, still playing with settings as i get use to it .

  102. Michael Rayside

    Excellent service, quick delivery.

  103. John E.

    very happy with your services

  104. Natasha H.

    Fantastic product was very happy with my purchase thanks again to a great Aussie company 🙂

  105. Steve

    Great tool and easy to use.

  106. Brendon J.

    All easy. Picked up in Bayswater next day. Module Works well

  107. steve

    fast delivery, works perfectly

  108. Roy B.

    With the right app it save hundreds the first time I used it I’ve been reaped off at many occasions not any more i love it’s great tool👍

  109. Scott

    Such a relief when an item is exactly as described. QR code for the App and then plug in and instant response.

  110. Arthur

    Great product, installed and working in moments, works well with the free iphone app “car scanner elm obd2” which ive configured a dashboard with eight rotary gauges showing useful data such as coolant temp, air intake temp, and fuel air ratio. definitely recommend this product and free app.

  111. jack

    Very impressed with this unit, Great service and all questions answered fast with accurate information. These guys really know their products. Only one tip didn’t get along with the FUSION app. Chose the ELM version much better info & code look up well worth the extra $10 for pro. version. Thanks heaps OBD-2 Aus.

  112. Sam

    Came in quick! Easy to setup and easy to use with the Torque Pro app. Told my mates about it and they bought one too!

  113. Justin Mountford

    Started working right out of the box! (L322 TDV8 Range Rover)

  114. John R.

    Very fast service, and the device works well.

  115. David W.

    The product worked as stated, very quick to connect, very happy with this purchase

  116. Andrew

    Unproblematic. Good communication, good product, fair price. That’s 5 stars from me, and I’m harsh.

  117. Simon

    Firstly great fast support, great products

  118. Scott Ashton

    works a treat

  119. Jagdeep

    Great product, using with Jscan app. It is working perfectly.
    Good value & very handy

  120. Danny H.

    The OBD2 product does exactly what it says it does. Within a matter of a few minutes the system can be installed and used immediately.

    The diagnostic capabilities are exceptional and can be used even by anyone who has a small amount of mechanical and technical capabilities and even less.

    This is a brilliant product at a very affordable price.

    Thank you OBD2 Australia for a product that not only pin pointed problems but actually provided the fault codes to have these issues addressed by a professional mechanic.

    Extremely impressed as it has saved time and money.

  121. Alex A.

    I feel stupid for not having purchased this sooner.

  122. Marinus Van Stolk

    Awesome product both for working out issues and also great for gauge monitoring like engine temperature.

  123. Jonathan Swain

    It appears that for my ford (ranger raptor) some of the PID’s are absent. But can’t take away from the unit and it’s pairing with Torque Pro for diagnostics and fault clearance.

  124. David

    Handy for simple tests

  125. Rob F.

    Great little item which does everything it is supposed to

  126. Shane C.

    I was looking for an adpater to work with torque pro in order to use live gauges. Before purchasing this adapter I was using another which was causing issues with my car, like rebooting the dash cluster.

    Since using this Adapter I have had no issues and can leave it plugged in at all times, well worth the money.

  127. Paul Worsnop

    Only problem I am having is trying to link onto the transmission temp and all I can see are engine sensors.

    • OBD-AUS Team

      Hi Paul, No problem mate send us a email or live chat and we can help with the Trans Temp. Cheers The OBD2 Australia Team

  128. Tim W.

    Crammed with info,much more than I anticipated, but has exactly what I need for chasing and rectifying faults probably the most sensible purchase I’ve ever made.🙂🙂

  129. Andrew

    Works with iPhone 11

  130. Craig D.

    Perfect Thanks

  131. Damian

    Really good. There was a problem and acknowledged it and sorted it out.

  132. Mike

    So far So good

  133. Terry Bellamy

    Works well

  134. Connor

    Great product, worked straight away and easy auto connects to my phone (apple).

  135. Bill Adamidis

    I still haven’t received this OBD2 so pls follow up on this order

    • OBD-AUS Team

      Hi, We will chase this up with Auspost for you Bill. Cheers, The OBD2 Australia Team

  136. Frank N.

    I own other OBD2 bluetooth coms devices. The OBD2-Aus is smaller, faster and gives more reliable data than the others. I highly recommend it.

  137. david suckling


  138. Mohammadreza

    Works perfect

  139. Steven Wardle

    Perfect product, Easy to set up, had one question for staff and they replied almost instantly.

  140. Shane Forrester

    still working things out

  141. john b.

    great product fast delivery recommend

  142. DAVID W.

    exactly as described, arrived on time

  143. Neil

    The hardest thing about this is getting the app the way you like it. The scan tool is a great product!

  144. Elarbi Fellah

    Good product

  145. Sean K.

    Great little tool, fast delivery and excellent value

  146. Mark C.

    Does what I expected, great unit for the price. Works well on LR Discovery 4 tdv6.
    Gives faults, turns off engine fault. Reads trans temp, oil level etc.

  147. Ronella Silbery

    Excellent product and easy to use

  148. Shane Moskwa

    Loved it, worked perfectly!

  149. Phillip Smith

    Easy to setup and works very well.

  150. Gary S.

    Great little product.
    Works well with Car Scanner ELM OBD2 free version app installed on Samsung S10E phone connected to Toyota 2.7L petrol and 3L D4D engines.
    TorqueLite App would pair with OBD unit but would not analyse the system in November 2020. Suspect Android update issue.
    Very easy to use. Highly recommend.

  151. Greg Luca

    I love it. It works perfectly and does exactly what I hoped it would do.

  152. Anonymous

    Super easy and displays heaps of useful info

  153. Mitchell

    Easy to fit, connected to phone easily

  154. Troy

    Great scan tool if used with recommended app. Wont connect very well using Torque App

    • OBD-AUS Team

      Hi, Get in touch with us on the live chat and we can help you out as should work fine with Torque. Cheers

  155. Sam

    easy to use and works well

  156. Greg

    Easy to use fast delivery

  157. Lawrence

    All of the info you need at your fingertips!

  158. mark binskin

    excelent tool for seeing what actually works when you modify something

  159. Steven S.

    Great service, great product, very good price. I will definitely shop here again.

  160. David B.

    Quick delivery and works well happy with product

  161. Patrick Stace

    Works well

  162. Ray Ward

    no faults yet.

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