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The Nanocom NCOM02 is an engine management system for the Discovery II TD5. With its own built-in touch-screen display, It scans and clears engine fault codes and also view live engine data. It can also remap programmable ECUs for the Disco II*. With its unparalleled versatility, this is a must have tool for every Disco II TD5 owner.

The unlock codes included in this kit will activate the software for the following Discovery II TD5 systems: TD5 engine management including mapping facility, SLABS (Self Leveling and ABS), BCU, ACE (Active Cornering Enhancement), Auto box and Airbag.

For the functionality of the Nanocom Evolution please visit the online demo emulator:

Nanocom is the leader in OBD Tools for LandRovers.

IMPORTANT: See product limitations FIRST at bottom PRIOR TO PURCHASE.
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This is the tool you need if you have a Landrover Discovery II TD5. it is the leading and best third party tool. 

The Nanocom Evolution for the Discovery II TD5 includes the following:

– The main Nanocom Evolution unit,

– Blue OBD lead (used to connect the Nanocom Evolution unit to the vehicles OBD socket),

– USB Update lead (used to connect the Nanocom Evolution unit to a laptop/PC for updating Firmware or inputting the unlock codes).

Unlock code packs for the Discovery TD5:

TD5 Engine Management System 
TD5 MAP a flashing function to remap the programmable type ECU’s

Full of functions and features, the TD5 engine management software offers reading and clearing of fault codes, the read and write of certain settings including Injector codes. Viewing of Live data, checking of Outputs and putting the ECU into learn mode for the security coding. You should note that there are 2 variations of the TD5 ECU, MSB denotes a non programmable version where the later NNN can be programmed using the Nanocom Evolution.

NCOM13 Discovery II Systems:

Valeo BCU (Body Control unit)
Reading of live Inputs, Settings, checking Outputs and key programming.

SLABS (combined Self Leveling and ABS system)

As well as the expected reading and clearing of faults, settings pages, Inputs and Outputs, you can also calibrate the Suspension and store the new heights. Note that the ECU will not allow individual calibration, only the Left and Right sides. There is also a bleed function for the hydraulic systems.

Lucas ACE (Active Cornering Enhancement)

This ECU was designed to help improve cornering issues found in the Discovery 1. The Nanocom Evolution has the ability to read and clear Faults, check settings, View Live data, check outputs and also bleed the ACE system.

BOSCH AUTO BOX GS8.87.0 (all Automatics)

Quite limited on functionality by design of the ECU, apart from the Read and Clear Faults you can only read the settings but not make changes. As with most ECU’s we have designed our software to read live data and reset the adaptive values learned over time by the ECU

TRW SPS Type 2 Airbag

Only found in the Discovery II, it supports side Airbags and Seat Belt Pretensioners. Functionality is limited again by the ECU design to Reading and clearing any of the possible 37 faults that the ECU can store and also to read the settings. There is only one option programmable in the ECU and this is the VIN which should be written if the ECU is replaced.

Please note that the Cruise Control in the Discovery II TD5 is managed by the Engine management ECU and is not a seperate ECU



OBD2 Australia WILL NOT ACCEPT any change of mind returns for Nanocom once it has been either opened, activated and used. Buyers should read the product description entirely and do some research as well to ensure and find out if this device is compatible with their vehicle and it can do the function/s they need it to do. Returns due to product defects require photo and video proof, and will also be tested by OBD2 Australia to confirm defect. Any attempt to falsify a return/defect will void your product warranty (and as such no refunds or replacements will be provided) and will be reported to the authorities.

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  1. Thanks, product took a bit longer to arrive but when I asked where it was they were helpful and came soon after. Product works great.

  2. It’s as good as the other two I have had.

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