OBD-AUS Handheld OBD2 Scan Tool – Find & Clear Engine Faults

OBD-AUS Handheld OBD2 Scan Tool – Find & Clear Engine Faults

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The OBD-AUS HH handheld is our OBD2 scan tool that has been created to offer you the best experience and ease of use to get the data you want from your car when you want a stand alone plug an play unit. With a high quality micro-chip manufactured in the USA, Multi protocols and easy to read screen it is the perfect OBD2 scanner to view all the engine data that your car can supply. Check why your engine check light is on diagnose where the fault is coming from. Clear that engine check light once fixed.

  • Stand Alone Unit
  • Plug & Play super easy to use
  • View live engine data right there on the screen
  • Works with most Australian cars from 2005*+ with OBD2
  • Retrieve engine fault codes and clear engine check lights
  • Easy to use
  • Australian Support
  • 12 Month Warranty

Express Shipping Available = 2 – 3 Days for $9.90

Otherwise Free Shipping = 3 – 8 Days.

Easy Return Policy and Quick Support Always Provided. 



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The OBD-AUS HH handheld OBD2 scan tool works by being plugged into your OBD2 port and reading data from a number sensors on your car. You will find this port within 50cm of your steering wheel and it is easy to access. Check our post here on how to find it. This data is then displayed on the easy to read screen so no phone or other device is needed it is all in one easy to use handheld unit. Great for people who just want a standalone unit and not have to use their phone.

You can check what fault codes are showing and what they mean when they happen on your car. You can also use this tool to see live data while you are driving and it stores freeze frame data which allows you to see the recorded data when a fault was recorded.

You can find out why the annoying check engine light keeps coming on and fix this problem and clear the check engine light. Saving you from having to go to to the mechanic and paying $100 for them just to tell you that there was dust around your fuel flap door and this was causing your car to think that it was open (all to common problem).

Unsure about OBD2 Scan Tools and the benefits then check out our blog post here!

Key Features:

• Handheld scanning tool that supports all OBD2 protocols

• Compatible with most OBD II compliant vehicles. In Australia these are cars 2005 and newer.

• 3000 fault code definition database

• Read diagnostic trouble codes – Remove fault codes and turn off your engine light

• 16-pin socket

• Vehicle Information reading – Vin and other numbers


Full Function List:

• Read engine or emission related fault codes error codes

• Erase and delete the fault code

• Turns off Check Engine Light (MIL), warning light, clears codes and resets monitors

• Retrieves generic (P0, P2, P3 and U0), manufacturer specific (P1, P3 and U1) codes and pending codes

• Easily determines the cause of the Check Engine Light (MIL), explains what the fault codes are

• Displays Live sensor data readings in both text mode and graph mode

• Views freeze frame data to analyise the real cause of engine failures

• Displays live O2 oxygen sensor test data

• Enhanced OBD2 Mode 6 On Board Monitoring Test Results for Specific Monitored Systems

• EVAP System test data

• Retrieves vehicle information (VIN code, CIN and CVN Number)

• Internet updatable and upgradeable with life-time update free



Will it work with my car?
If your car is 2006 or newer then yes it is full OBD2 and it will work with your car. If you car is older then please contact us or check out our car list here.

How do I install it and get it to work?
All cars have a diagnostics port and if your car is OBD2 it has to be within reaching distance of the steering wheel. Look under the steering wheel and above your pedals and you will find it. Then all you have to do is plug it in and the unit is powered by the OBD port.

Will it clear my engine fault and tell me whats wrong?
Yes it will do both of these. In the app you just click on check engine faults. It will then come up with code like this P0171 – Oxygen Sensor. So you know the problem is with the oxygen sensor and then the best thing to do is google the code and your cars year and model. e.g. Toyota Hilux 2017 P0171. Nine times out of ten this will be a common problem and the answer will be the first thing that pops up.

Want the full round down on OBD then check out the wiki link here!


“Not very good with computers and this OBD2 Scan tool was easy for me to use to clear fault codes on my Ranger.”

“Simple and quick too use.Easy to read screen and there is not much to it so easy to use. Great when looking at buying a car.”

“Carry this everywhere with me now after having a fault code that shut us down once.I can just plug this in and check what the problem is and if its something I am aware of I just clear the fault”

*Some early and even late 2006 models were not OBD2 compliant yet even if mandated by law. Please check with us first to ensure compatibility. 


  • Display: Backlight 128*64 pixel display with contrast adjustment
  • Power : 8.0 to 18.0 V power provided via vehicle battery
  • Dimensions: 127mm  x 78mm x 20mm
  • Weight: 0.4KG

Additional information

Item Type

Code Readers & Scan Tools

Software Version

V1.9, Newest Support

Brand Name


Software Update


Hardware Version

OBD-AUS Code Reader Automotive Scanner

Special Features

Code Reader

Product Name

OBD-AUS HH Handheld OBD2 Scanner


Read and erase fault code, live data stream, O2 sensor test etc


Support update free, printing report by Windows, Full OBD2 Function


English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, German, Dutch


Universal for all OBD2 vehicles.

Advanced function

Full 10 Modes OBDII diagnostics


Stable with 2-3 times faster reading speed


Yes, Life-time free update


12 Month Warranty

68 reviews for OBD-AUS Handheld OBD2 Scan Tool – Find & Clear Engine Faults

  1. Guy

    Excellent value and functionality, thank you

  2. Kyle

    Works perfectly on my saab , can’t clear my audi’s codes but works perfectly on the car I bought it for

  3. Dave Curry

    Really happy with product & service. Arrived in Sydney from Perth in record time, a lot quicker than advised. Product does what it says it can do. First time user, ex mechanic from the 70’s. No electronics back then !

  4. Dave D.

  5. Warren R

    A great little device . Easy to use and intuitive.

  6. Anonymous

    Only used once so far but did what it was supposed to do and easily worked out.

  7. Daniel

  8. Greg B.

    I don’t really need one but at the price why not? Ran a check on engine function, coolant temp, idle speed when I serviced my Ford Ranger. Useful tool for not much money!

  9. Tom P.

    Great service, great product

  10. Voytek

    Works ok, as advertised.

  11. Mark D.

    Simple, easy to use tool.

  12. Anthony E.

    Fast delivery & the scanner works perfectly 🙂

  13. Joshua N.

    Does exactly what I needed it to do. Arrived on time and for the price, you can’t go wrong. Very happy!

  14. Greg Syrls

    Performs as advertised

  15. David W.

    Good piece of kit and good value for money. I was able to read fault and erase. It did come back, but at least I knew what and where the problem was (cylinder 3 misfire) and try spark plug/ coil pack.

  16. Eric

    Great price for the scan tool, i just wanted to track a consistent engine light coming on and use this to guide me through my diagnosis. limited operation features but i knew that buying it.
    very happy with it.

  17. Paul M.

    Simple and easy to use. Good value and an affordable addition to every home toolbox.

  18. Tui M.

    Excellent product. Worked perfectly on my Kia Cerato, Holden Crewman, and Mazda2. No longer have to guess what the problem is.

  19. jose ruaya

    very good

  20. Ray H.

    Answer to all my problems. Excellent tool.

  21. Martin T.

    The unit did everything promised and OBD Australia sent it very quickly.

  22. Anonymous

    Very good product

  23. Terry

    it works

  24. JOHN B.

    Great Gadget – cleared the error codes on my Renault Megane and Peugeot 307. Easy to use and as it is a plug in to your IBDll port more reliable than a Bluetooth connection.

  25. Brad Taylor

    Great service awesome price

  26. Gavin

    Easy to use, does the job, clears the codes too. Love it

  27. John S.

    Compact, easy to use. Very functional. Could be improved by including a soft case with it.

  28. Joshua R.

    Does what it says and for the price no complaints. Reads and clears codes with ease. Didn’t have the manufacturer details specifying the exact description of the code error identified – but easy enough to capture the code and google it, then clear. Very happy with the service.

  29. Ralph D.

    Worked fine on Peugeot 308 T9 but unable to reveal 4 codes that dealer later did find. Was worth the try for the cost. Cheers

  30. sandra j.

  31. Alyssa

    Purchased for my grandparents, as both cars had the engine light on and it was super simple to use even for them! Postage was really fast to

  32. Hugh

    Great product, easy to use and fast efficient service.

  33. Gary Nicholls

    Straightforward to use and gave me the fault code I was looking for.

  34. Krishna D.

    On time delivery. Satisfied with the product that I got.

  35. Muzaffer Kulak

    Best people and the best product.
    Also best value. Thanks 😊

  36. isobel Andrews

    Quick delivery & Did what I needed for.

  37. Stephen Sandford

    Awesome. Found my fault within 2 minutes. I am not the best with technology. But this was easy to use.

  38. Neil

    No problems,did what I wanted it to do and at a good price,cheers

  39. Stuart G.

    Great tool,easy to use.Should,ve got one earlier

  40. Lenard Tyson

    Awesome perfect

  41. Peter

    Works as advertised

  42. Scott

    Great product

  43. NIcholas

    Great unit

  44. Herman

    I’m surprised that I could source it locally and happy with what it was supposed to do as it worked for me…just needed the dtc’s.

  45. Sam

    Works better than expected!

  46. George

    I researched about this scanner and found that it works with my Holden Cruze. That’s why I chose to buy it and because it has its own display. I was having occasional engine light on and payed money to get the code out.
    The OBD2 scanner I bought from OBDAustralia retrieved P0171. System too lean bank1.
    I’m happy with the service from OBDAustralia as the scanner was received in a few days time. I recommend this seller.

  47. Anonymous

    Easy to use

  48. Geoff T.

    Works very well for what I need it to do.

  49. John

    Love it. Easy to use and an insight into my cars problems

  50. Selwyn

    excellent value

  51. Marko

    Simple, efficient & does what you need for basic diagnostics

  52. Brett M.

    Excellent price and product. Does what I needed an OBD2 to do, very happy with product

  53. Peter Van Eede

    This scan tool is awesome. Reads faults. Deletes corrected faults and has live engine data feed, to name a few features.

  54. john casson

    fixed the problem at a bargain price!

  55. Stan Z.


  56. Lachlan

    Very happy customer here. Exactly as described and at a good price. Thanks.

  57. Vaughan Snook

    Works really welk

  58. Croydon Q.

    Service was fast and professional. Scan tool works well. Easy to use and understand. Comes in hand when touring the country side.

  59. Dildar


  60. Shane Cocks

    I have not used the product yet, so I don`t believe it is fair to comment, apart from delivery was prompt and it appears to be in one piece.

  61. Brian C.

    I have not had the need to use it to fault find yet but it ticks all the boxes when I plugged it in.

  62. Curtis

    Awesome value for money, this does so much more than other OBD2 scanners. Read and cleared codes in my car upon receiving and also checked some of the other things like the coolant temp and graphs for the catalyst banks for the exhaust system in my car. Awesome product and I would highly recommend it.

  63. ross h.

    ordered locally Perth, was ready for p/u in 3 hours

  64. Richard

    Simple to use and so handy. Does a great job

  65. Greg

    Did exactly what the description said it would

  66. Robert Baseley

    Great little unit stays in the car all the time now thanks

  67. Mark D.


  68. pierre

    Did the job I expected and I am pleased with the product

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