Factory TPMS Sensor – Universal Programmable Cloneable – 4pcs


Universal Factory TPMS Sensor Replacements – Pack of 4

  • 100% ID Cloneable so no relearn needed
  • 38,000km Warranty
  • Panasonic Batteries
  • 433mhz & 315mhz Covers 98% of factory TPMS models
  • 3 Different Valve Styles
  • Works with Tool we sell below or Autel TPMS Learn Tools

For compatibility with your vehicle, you may also contact us via chat or email to check if the part number you have may be received by these TPMS sensors.

See here for the matching Learning Tool

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Programmable universal TPF-01 Sensors are 100% ID clone-able with no relearn required and offer latest model vehicle coverage because they quickly update during installation with OBD2 AUS TPMS80 and AUTEL TPMS tools: TS408 TS508 TS601 TS608 808TS 906TS.

OBD2 Australia TPF-01 Sensor combines both 315MHz + 433MHz frequencies into one TPMS sensor with the 98% vehicle coverage. Work as good as OEM and same as original at a much lower price.

Buying a set of 4 TPF-01 sensors will cost you less money than the price of just one sensor from dealerships or your local tyre store. It’s an easy to use and cost-effective necessity for any shop or individual performing TPMS repairs themselves.

Equipped with an automotive grade battery (battery life ≥5 years), a replaceable aluminium valve stem to withstand cold, hot and resistance corrosion, and a high-precision air valve to prevent air leakage.

OBD2 Australia guarantees that the sensor is free from material and manufacturing defects for a period of 24 months or for 40,000 kilometres.

OBD2 Australia provides you with a completely blank programmable professional tire pressure sensor.

  • Amazingly combines two frequencies of 315MHz + 433MHz into one.
  • Supports 98% of commercial vehicles and various small cars built in America, Europe, Asia.
  • Can 100% ID clone-able dual-frequency or program TPMS sensor for all kinds of vehicles.


TPF-01 TPMS Sensors will Provide You with Accurate Data-tire Pressure and Temperature!

A Good Tool to Ensure Safe Driving.

Once you install TPF-01 tyre pressure monitoring sensors in all of your chosen tyres, they will automatically monitor the tire pressure and temperature in real time when the car is stationary or driving.

It also provides alarms to high pressure, low pressure and high temperature conditions, then uploads it to the car’s ECU module via RF (Radio Frequency), and displays it on your dashboard to help you find problems in time and avoid traffic accidents caused by tyre failure to ensure driving safety.

Supports 98% of All Kinds of Cars and Commercial Vehicles.
The OBD2 Australia TPF-01 dual-frequency (315MHz + 433MHz) TPMS sensor can provide services for almost all vehicles equipped with TPMS, including various small cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, etc., which largely eliminates the need for hundreds of types of sensors for repair shops and distributors troubles.

Support Wireless Programming, Please Note:

Our TPF-01s arrive blank and must be programmed by TPMS tools. But it can be matched with any TPMS tool after programming.

The TPMS sensor assemblies are replacement or maintenance parts for vehicles with factory installed TPMS. Please make sure to program the specific vehicle make, model and year before installation.

The sensors are safety-relevant part, so we recommend the installation by the professional.

TPF-01 TPMS Sensor can be programmed before or after installation, but we recommend to program it before installation. If install it after installation, please ensure the tire pressure is deflated to 0kpa.

Do not install programmed TPMS sensors in damaged wheels.

Additional information

Valve Type

Aluminium Silver, Aluminium Black, Black Rubber

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  1. seems to be same or better quality than the OEM’s at a fraction of the price. genuine ones for my car were $99 each… thanks guys! also they help you before you make a purchase and wont sell you something that wont fit and wont lie about something for you to buy.

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