Caravan Tyre Pressure Monitoring System TPMS – 6 – 12 Sensors – TyreWatcher X2

Caravan Tyre Pressure Monitoring System TPMS – 6 – 12 Sensors – TyreWatcher X2

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OBD-AUS Tyre Watcher X2 (Version 2) is our tyre monitoring sensor system designed to monitor your vehicle & caravan tyre pressures and temperatures. Can have up to 12 sensors connected so you can use on a range on single or dual axel caravans and can also monitor spares or airbags. Simple to install with external wheel sensors that just screw onto the tyres valves with locking nuts to prevent theft. The display unit is designed to be placed on your dash so it is easy to read and is also solar powered meaning that it is always charging and does not need any external cables keeping your dash clutter free. Great system to ensure your tyre pressure matches the conditions and you do not get caught out with a slow leak or over inflated tyres causing blow outs. Quality unit built using a German manufactured chip to ensure reliable and accurate readings. Up to 12 external sensors with copper cores that are built to last in Australian conditions being tough and waterproof.

  • Install in under 10 minutes
  • Range up to 25m so perfect for long distance between dash and wheels.
  • Improve your fuel economy with correct pressures
  • Can handle up to 185PSI tyre Pressure
  • Reduce your tyre wear
  • Easy to read display with backlight for night time
  • Solar powered display with built in battery so no cables
  • Leak and temperature alarms
  • 2 year battery life on external wheel sensors*
  • Repeater is available if needed
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Australian support

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Great TPMS setup for vehicle and caravan or trailer as it provides you with 6 or 8 external wheel sensors with live pressure and temperature monitoring. Easy to install and the system turns off and on automatically as the sensors are activated by movement. You can also choose bar or PSI as your setting so you can choose the unit of measure that you prefer. Ensure you know what your tyre pressures are doing!

Live Data:

The tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) monitors tyre pressure/temperature status in real time, which will transmit data to the screen on your dash and has an alarm and flashing warning icon if there is a problem. You can set the high and low alarms pressures between 22PSI – 199PSI. So for example if you have the low pressure alarm set at 30PSI when a tyre reaches this pressure the unit will beep and flash to warn you. Same goes for the high pressure alarm. In addition, there is also an alarm if the tyre increases or decreases in pressure to quickly so you will be warned of slow leaks etc.

Quick Disconnect: 

This allows you with the press of a button to turn of the rear sensors that you will have on your caravan so you can turn these off when you drop off the van.

Wide Application:

This system is suitable for any vehicle and caravan were six or eight tyres with the maximum pressure of the tyre being 186psi. You have a wide range to set your low and high pressure alarms and this is easy to do. Also you can set the temperature alarm so you will get a warning if it reaches this level. This can be great to warn your of bearing problems or other issues  that cause increased temperature.

Long Range: 

Long wireless range up to 25m so no problem if you need to use them on a longer vehicle or on your wheels of your caravan or trailer you are towing. With this range you can be confident that you will get accurate readings to the display on your dash. So thats 25m from your dash to your wheels covering most 6/8 wheel setups. In the case of getting drop out we also have a repeater that you can add in. It’s best to test it first as 98% of the time you do not need a repeater but all setups are different.

Digital display:

LCD screen that sticks to your dash comes with a sticking pad so you can choose where you want to put your system so that it is easy to read. Bright backlight and easy to read numbers allows you to see the status of your tyres easily during the day and night. Also being solar powered means there is no cables to fuss with.

Power supply: Solar charging so you can just stick it and forget it. Has a built in battery so if you do not see any sun for a few days that is not a problem. Also, it turns off when there has been no movement from the wheels so no problem when stored in garage or under cover. Also you can charge it with USB cord if you do not want it on dash.

External sensors: Which are easy to install, have a two year battery life and are weather proof. Built to last and be accurate with accuracy +/- .15psi. After two years if the battery does go flat they are easy to replace and just take common CR1632 batteries. Spare sensors can be bought by clicking this LINK.

*Batteries may or may not last up to two years on some units (depending on use and battery condition). Batteries not covered by the product warranty.


Display Unit:
150mm x 53mm x 25mm
Wheel Sensors: 12 Grams

Tyre Watcher X 2



Do they do temperature readings?

Yes the sensors read both the pressure and temperature in your tyres. This is then displayed on the LCD. It is very interesting to see the relation between temperature and tyre pressure. This can also help you detect problems early if there is a higher temperature in one tyre.

Will the tyre sensors last?

Yes we have tried and tested these units to make sure that they last with what Australia can dish at them! Dust, Salt Water, Water, Sand, Corrugations, Dust, Corrugations, Dust. We also sell spares if needed.

Do all the sensors show on one screen?

Yes all the sensors will show on one screen

Are they easy to install?

Are indeed you can install this system in under 10 minutes and they sensors just screw onto the tyre valves and replace the caps. They come with lock nuts to stop people being able to easily remove them.


Spare Wheel Sensors can be found here.

In certain cases a repeater may be needed. This is not very often but can be needed if you have a thick steel canopy on back of ute or large tank of fluid in the way between communication of dash unit and wheel sensors.

Video Series:

Quick Setup

Pair Tyre Sensors Existing or New Sensors 

Additional information

# of Sensors & PSI

6 Sensors, 8 Sensors

16 reviews for Caravan Tyre Pressure Monitoring System TPMS – 6 – 12 Sensors – TyreWatcher X2

  1. Gregg

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Works well

  2. Steven

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Great product works well, but received the wrong instruction could use the correct ones

  3. Harold M.

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    They ran out of stock. But shipped soon as available. Good job


    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    This tyre pressure system is great – and no suction cup on the windscreen to keep falling off. it is even solar powered at the deceiver end. I love it!

  5. Garry Appleby

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    The TPMS was reasonable easy to set up, however I found that when I used the locking nut, the gap between the rubber section on the valve stem and the sensor is too narrow to fit the locking nut…basically not enough tread to hold both the sensor and the locking nut…the result being that the valve leaked air when I used the locking nut and sensor.
    As a result, I have decided not to bother with the locking nut. All good.

    • OBD-AUS Team

      Cheers for feedback! We have sorted this issue in our version 2 units.

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