Caravan/Trailer Solar Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Repeater Unit


A repeater unit for the Caravan Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMSS6).  It is mainly used if you use our TPMSS6 unit, have range issues, and the signal drops out. It must be connected to 12V power and ground and generally mounted under the car or near the tow ball.

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Operating temperature: -20℃-80℃
Storage temperature: -30℃-85℃
Operating Voltage: 12-24V
Transmit power: <18dBm
Transmit frequency: 433.92MHz
Size (LXWXH): 90 x 64 x 23mm
Weight: 42g

NOTICE: When using a steel canopied ute (or similar vehicle) please contact us first with a photo of your set-up so we can advise the best mounting position. Steel canopies, even with a repeater/booster, can still block signal transmission so the repeater will need to be mounted in an area wherein the steel canopy is not blocking the way between the repeater and the display unit.

Some Caravan/Trailer setups may need a repeater. This all depends on your set-up (length, obstacles etc.). If you are experiencing sensor drop-outs on a Caravan/Trailer set-up (even if within operating range) with our TPMSS6 unit then a repeater may be necessary. The performance of this repeater and TPMS system is subjective on Caravan/Trailer set-ups. It may work on some and not on others. OBD2 Australia suggests using a repeater only when needed. The repeater must be positioned in a way where it is in between the rearmost sensors and the display unit, and if possible unobstructed by any heavy and dense object. A repeater relies on RF signals tp functions, so any  heavy and dense impediment will render it unable to operate fully, nor does it guarantee for the entire system to work if heavy and dense impediments are situated in between the rearmost sensors and the display unit. 

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  1. One of the best companies I have had the pleasure to deal with.

  2. Great to have a signal booster. My last unit didn’t have this and would suffer frequent dropouts.

  3. does what it is supposed to do

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