Caravan Trailer Solar Tyre Pressure Monitoring System – 6 Sensors


OBD-AUS TPMSS6 6 sensor system monitors your vehicle & caravan or trailer tyre pressures and temperatures. Easy to install with external wheel sensors with locking nuts to prevent theft. The display unit is designed to be placed on your dash and is easy to read. A solar-powered unit means that it is constantly charging and does not need any external cables keeping your dash clutter-free. Great system to ensure your tyre pressure matches the conditions and you do not get caught out with a slow leak or overinflated tyres causing blowouts. Quality unit built using a German manufactured chip to ensure reliable and accurate readings. Six external sensors built to last in Australian conditions are tough and waterproof.

  • Install in under 10 minutes
  • Range of up to 15m* so perfect for the long-distance between dash and wheels (subjective; please read details below)
  • Improve your fuel economy with correct pressures
  • Suited for up to 99PSI tyre Pressure
  • Reduce your tyre wear
  • Easy to read display
  • Solar-powered display with a built-in battery so no cables
  • Leak and temperature alarm
  • Two-year battery life on external wheel sensors*
  • A repeater is available if needed
  • 6 Month Warranty
  • Australian support
Please see product limitations at the bottom PRIOR TO PURCHASE.
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Great TPMS setup for vehicle and caravan or trailer as it provides you with 6 external wheel sensors with live pressure and temperature monitoring. Easy to install and the system turns off and on automatically as the sensors are activated by movement. You can also choose bar or PSI as your setting so you can choose the unit of measure that you prefer. Ensure you know what your pressures are doing!

Live Data: The tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) monitors tyre pressure/temperature status in real time, which will transmit data to the screen on your dash and has an alarm and flashing warning icon if there is a problem. You can set the high and low alarms pressures between 7PSI – 99PSI (low 7-25psi, max 60-99psi). So for example if you have the low pressure alarm set at 30PSI when a tyre reaches this pressure the unit will beep and flash to warn you. Same goes for the high pressure alarm. In addition, there is also a alarm if the tyre increases or decreases in pressure to quickly so you will be warned of slow leaks etc.

Wide Application: This system is suitable for any vehicle with six tyres with the maximum pressure of the tyre being 99psi. You have a wide range to set your low and high pressure alarms and this is easy to do. Also you can set the temperature alarm so you will get a warning if it reaches this level. This can be great to warn your of bearing problems or other issues  that cause increased temperature. Note that the minimum and maximum pressure and temperature thresholds for this unit are uniform for all tyres.

Long Range: Long wireless range up to 15m* so no problem if you need to use them on a longer vehicle or on your wheels of your caravan or trailer you are towing. With this range you can be confident that you will get accurate readings to the display on your dash. So thats 15m from your dash to your wheels covering most 6 wheel setups.

Digital display: LCD screen that sticks to your dash comes with a sticking pad so you can choose where you want to put your system so that it is easy to read. Bright backlight and easy to read numbers allows you to see the status of your tyres easily during the day and night. Also being solar powered means there is no cables to fuss with.

Power supply: Solar charging so you can just stick it and forget it. Has a built in battery so if you do not see any sun for a few days that is not a problem. Also, it turns off when there has been no movement from the wheels so no problem when stored in garage or under cover.

External sensors: Which are easy to install, have a two year battery life and are weather proof. Built to last and be accurate with accuracy +/- .15psi. After two years if the battery does go flat they are easy to replace and just take common CR1632 batteries.

*Batteries may or may not last up to two years on some units (depending on use and battery condition). Batteries not covered by the product warranty.

Display Unit:
12cm x 6cm x 3cm
Wheel Sensors: 9 Grams



Do they do temperature readings?

Yes the sensors read both the pressure and temperature in your tyres. This is then displayed on the LCD. It is very interesting to see the relation between temperature and tyre pressure. This can also help you detect problems early if there is a higher temperature in one tyre.

Will the tyre sensors last?

Yes we have tried and tested these units to make sure that they last with what Australia can dish at them! Dust, Salt Water, Water, Sand, Corrugations, Dust, Corrugations, Dust. We also sell spares if needed.

I can only see four readings in the picture?

Yes the last two scroll through and if there is a issue with a wheel it will go to that wheel and a alarm will sound and also flash.

How does its solar power work?

When solar energy is available and sufficient enough to power and charge the device, a solar icon and a battery-charging animation will show on your display. If you only see a solar icon and no battery animation, it means the available solar energy is not sufficient enough to charge and power the device simultaneously. It only has enough solar energy to power itself (which means it’s not using the battery for power). If both the solar icon and the battery animation are missing, it means that the device is using its battery for power. The device needs to have direct exposure to solar energy (directly facing the sun and not just exposed to light) in order for the solar panels to efficiently work (in both powering and charging the device). Tinted or frosted glass, or a shaded location on your dashboard will greatly affect this efficiency. We suggest charging via USB until full prior to first use, as solar charging on this device is only supplementary and should not be relied on as a primary source of power when the device is frequently used and not exposed to sufficient solar power.


Spare Wheel Sensors can be found here.

*In certain cases a repeater may be needed. This is not very often but can be needed (if you have a thick steel canopy on back of ute or large tank of fluid in the way between communication of dash unit and wheel sensors or are experiencing signal drop-outs. Please note that while this unit has sufficient range for longer vehices, caravan set-ups are subjective and what works on some may not work on some). Repeater can be found here.


*Batteries may or may not last up to two years on some units (depending on use and battery condition). Batteries not covered by the product warranty. These are FREE batteries and are pre-installed months before the product gets to you. This means that even when not in use they can have a tendency to discharge and in the event that the batteries are flat on the sensors, you may need to replace them. OBD2 Australia will not replace batteries or sensors just because its battery has gone flat.

*Some Caravan/Trailer setups may need a repeater. This all depends on your set-up (length, obstacles etc.). If you are experiencing sensor drop-outs on a Caravan/Trailer set-up (even if within operating range) with this unit then a repeater may be necessary. The performance of this unit is subjective on Caravan/Trailer set-ups. It may work on some and not on others. OBD2 Australia suggests using a repeater only when needed. The repeater must be positioned in a way where it is in between the rearmost sensors and the display unit, and if possible unobstructed by any heavy and dense object. A repeater relies on RF signals, so any  heavy and dense impediment will render it unable to operate fully, nor does it guarantee for the entire system to work if heavy and dense impediments are situated in between the rearmost sensors and the display unit. 

*A +/- 10° or +/- 0.15 psi is to be expected from data readouts.

*Charging cable not included.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Depending on your valve stem quality, age and your wheel material, sensors can rub on rim edge. This is just something to keep an eye on and usually does not happen. If it does, it usually happens on lower quality or very old valve stems. Our advise is to discontinue use of the TPMS so as not to further scratch your rims, or acquire newer, stiffer valve stems. OBD2 Australia will not be held responsible for damages caused by the sensors to your rims under these circumstances.

TPMS System Warning

Additional information

Weight 0.23 kg
Dimensions 21 × 15 × 6 cm


Special Features

Supports solar charging and USB charging

External Testing Certification


TPMS Battery

built-in 500mAh Li-ion battery

Pressure unit


External sensor Battery

built-in CR1632 button cell

Waterproof grade


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  1. Devices is simple after you work out the instructions. Works well. An extra release “spanner” would be useful because if you lose that you’re in trouble.

  2. As was setting up for the wheels on a caravan it was a bit confusing with the head unit having what appeared to be rear dual tyres instead of twin axles

  3. works very well on my caravan and keeps charged on the dash

  4. Easy to order & arrived quickly

  5. Great unit works well. Quick delivery. Thanks

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