OBD2 Scan Gauge HUD & Boost Gauge OBD2 Speedometer


The OBD-AUS GTF9 Digital OBD2 Car HUD gauge and scan tool provides a clear, easy-to-read display to add to your vehicle to see that crucial vehicle data*.

  • Works with most cars from 2008+*
  • Easy to read colour display
  • Clear engine check lights
  • Digital dashboard and a trip computer
  • Multiple different displays
  • ECU Speedometer
  • Check the performance of your car speed and brake tests
  • Plug and Play, easy to install
  • Run multiple gauges linked
  • Easy to use
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Australian Support
See Product Limitations at bottom prior to purchase.
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Car HUD & OBD2 Gauge that can show you things like: Speedometer, RPM Tachometer, Boost Gauge*, Battery Voltage, Coolant Temp, Compass direction and more. Also it will allow you to clear engine check light faults. Easy to install on your dash or windscreen with a 3m stick pad and a flat cable that plugs into your cars OBD2 port and you can just tuck the flat cable easily into the vehicles trim to hide it.

Car HUD & OBD2 Scan Gauge giving you a number of gauges on an easy to read and see display on your dash or windscreen.

Main Features:

*Digital Boost Gauge – Need to see your boost on your petrol or diesel car. This will show live readings straight from your OBD2 port on your car. Giving you an easy to read boost gauge that can be installed in minutes. Note that boost live data may not be available on some vehicles. Not all live data parameters may be available as well. 

Speedometer & Tachometer – Need to see your speed and revs in an easier to read format right there on your dash. Live straight from your cars ECU. You can also add in offset for speed or read speed from GPS if you have larger tyres etc that has effected factory speedo.

Other Gauges – A number of other gauges you can display with live digital feeds right from your cars ECU. Quickly change the display of these with a push of a button. You can see data like: Coolant Temp, Oil Temp, Fuel Consumption, Direction plus more.

Scan Tool – Clear any engine faults. Then clear the code once fixed.

Alarms – Set alarms for a number of different data feeds. These are: Speed, RPM, Voltage and Water Temp. This mean that when you car goes over these values a Beep Beep alarm will sound great for setting a speed alarm or keeping an eye on coolant temp.

Auto On/Off – This tool will automatically turn on as soon as you start your car and will turn off a few minutes after you turn the car off.

Easy to Install – Plugs into your cars OBD2 port which you will find under your steering wheel above your pedals.  Under 10 mins to install. Just plug in cable and tuck flat cable into trim so it is out of sight and mount the Car HUD with the 3M stick pad mount on your windscreen or stick gauge directly to dash.


*Will this fit my car?

This Car HUD & Scan Gauge will work with most cars* that is OBD2 so normally these are cars that are 2008 and newer in Australia*.  Some times it will work with older cars. Note that this may not work on all OBD2 protocols. Please get in touch with us first to confirm.

How do I install this?

This is very easy to install and can be done in under 10 minutes. You just plug the cable into the OBD2 port of your car which you can find under the steering wheel or above the pedals. It may be behind a plastic flap that you can pull off. Then tuck the flat cable out of the way. Stick the display on your dash or windscreen and you are good to go.

Can I see boost and revs on the gauge?

Yes you can see a number of gauges like this and you can check what they are above. Note that boost live data may not be available on some vehicles. Not all live data parameters may be available as well. 

Does this display transmission temperature?

This device does not show transmission temperature. 

Does it project on to my windscreen?

No this is an LCD colour display, If you are after a Car HUD that projects onto your windscreen please see this one here.

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*Please plug into OBD2 port of car first before you stick it on and ensure you can read data as some cars run protocols that we cannot confirm.

*Note that even on some OBD2 compliant vehicles, this device may be incompatible and some gauges/readings may not be available as well. Please get in touch with us first to confirm. Note that for oil temperature and turbo pressure, this device relies on information from your ECU to display this data (and the ECU relies on sensors to measure this data). If your vehicle has no sensor for oil temperature or turbo pressure, there will be no reading and this does not automatically constitute a ‘faulty’ product. Remember that NO sensor means NO data/readings. 

*Returns and refunds due to product incompatibility (without or against OBD2 Australia advise) will be subject to our Refund Policy and Terms & Conditions.

*A lag/delay of 0.5sec – 2sec on live data readings should be expected on some vehicles.

*Not for use on any Hybrid vehicle.

*Not compatible with Subaru vehicles.

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8 reviews for OBD2 Scan Gauge HUD & Boost Gauge OBD2 Speedometer

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Image #1 from Adrian B.
Image #1 from Adrian B.

Adrian B.

Great device for a vehicle that does not have a digital speedo. Easy to install. Mounted above right of dash well within line of sight. Way better than those GPS speedo apps for smart phones.

Image #1 from Adrian B.
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  1. She’s a solid device, sticks very well to my dash and the cable is long enough to fit basically anywhere I’d like to put it. A great and vibrant display in both day time (where I use it most) and night.

    Rev lag is there but speed is basically instant.

    Love the multiple themes and the settings UI works pretty well.

    Generally a fantastic addition to my car. I no longer need Torque Pro to show my speed digitally thank God!

  2. Works well but a bit pricey

  3. Great little gauge. The team at OBD2 were extremely helpful. We needed an extra speedo to complete a driver’s test in our own car (as the main speedo isn’t visible from the passenger seat). ODB2 helped out with the required letter for VicRoads about the accuracy of the gauge. Responsive and rock solid measurements. Very happy.

  4. Great little gauge, works brilliantly. Fantastic customer service from OBD2 Australia!

  5. Great product

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