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Check why your battery is going flat and charge your battery with an intelligent charger. Will charge and test all common type of 12V batteries.

  • Works with a wide range of 12v batteries types (Lithium, Lead, AGM etc.)
  • Advanced Chip controlled smart automatic charging cycle
  • Test your battery & charging system
  • Charging will Auto-Restart if power interrupted
  • Specialised Clamps for testing & 60cm Cable Length
  • Count Down Till Battery Charged
  • 8Amp Max Output
  • Test, Charge, Maintain and Repair batteries
  • It can use as a trickle charger
  • Forced charge mode to get Lithium battaries out of protection mode
  • Small size
  • Easy to use & easy to read LCD screen
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Australian Support
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Our new model of battery charger and tester allowing you to charge all common types of 12V batteries and test the charging systems in your vehicle. It will also allow you to charge storage batteries like lithium batteries, test these batteries and also get them out of protection mode when they have been run too low. Epic charger to have on hand for when you need it.


Car Battery Smart Charger and Battery Tester all in one unit!

The Battwatcher TestnCharge battery charger and battery tester. Allows you to test your battery and charging system and also charge your 12v batteries with an intelligent charge cycle. Easy to use to test your battery and charge system so you can work out if the issue is your battery or your charge system in your vehicle. Just connect to battery and in a few clicks you have your test results. For charging this system uses an advanced microprocessor to control how the battery is charged and understand what the battery needs giving you unrivalled performance for battery charging on common batteries ensuring your batteries are always charged correctly and safely. Small in size means you can leave this in the car, shed or wherever you might need it.

When you have an issue with your batteries having a charger by itself is ok but you need something to help you work out why the battery went flat in the first place. That’s where the TestnCharge unit comes into play. You have three test that can be easily run with just a click of a button these test include:


Battery Test

This will run a full battery test and give you the current health of the battery. Easily and quickly letting you know if the battery needs to be replaced. Handy for lithium batteries as it gives you the internal resistance so something you can record on a new battery and keep an eye on it. 

Cranking Test

This will test how your battery performs when under load cranking. This is an important test as shows how your battery preforms when under the heaviest load it gets.

Charging Test

This will test that your charging system is working fine and your battery is getting the charge it needs.



Intelligent Auto Charging

Means that your battery will always be charged in the best possible way and makes it easy for your to charge your battery as all you need to do is hook it up and press auto charge. The easy to read LCD will then display the real time status of your charging and stop when your battery is full. The best and smartest car battery charger in the market! Can also be used as a tickle charger.



Energy Saving

High 90% conversion rate which means you are getting the best bang for buck when you are charging your battery.  



  • Reverse polarity protection: So if you hook it up the wrong way by mistake there will be no problems caused.
  • Built in temperature protection: If it gets too hot the system will auto shut down.
  • Leakage Protection: As soon as battery clips are removed power will shut down.
  • Built from ABS flame resistant material to ensure your safety.
  • Charge a wide range of batteries: Flooded, Gel Cell, AGM, Lithium, EFB or any maintenance free battery.
  • Advance smart charging cycles.
  • Small form factor with an easy to read LCD.
  • Test, Charge, Maintain or Repair your 12v batteries


Q:Will this allow me to use it as a trickle charger and what happens if the power goes out?

A: You can indeed it will maintain your battery and if the power goes off it will start back up when it is on and auto start charging again.

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  1. runs well

  2. Works well

  3. Great Piece of Kit! Solid and Well Built With Good Heavy Gauge Cables Happy with The Purchase and Service from OBD2AUST.

  4. Fantastic charger and it has a lot of test functions that I find very useful for a charger. Thanks

  5. Extremely impressed dose everything and more than I expected.its so easy to operate small but so powerful,if I had to buy another one I would definitely buy one again.

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