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The UNICARSCAN UCSI-2100 Bluetooth with 10pin adaptor cable to suit BMW motorcycles. This kit allows you to use the Motoscan app to access functions and faults on your bike, giving you a BMW dealer style tool! With a high-quality micro-chip manufactured in the USA and a cable made from professional automotive materials, you can be assured of the quality. Check why your check light is on and diagnose where the fault is coming from – View real-time data and reset service intervals.

  • Works only with Android V5.0 and up devices (via Motoscan app)
  • Retrieve & Clear trouble codes.
  • Works on most BMW bikes 1998+ with the 10pin or 16in diagnostic port (See coverage list below to check supported models).
  • Access different functions by buying different levels of the app.
  • You can also use it on cars 2006+ to find & clear faults
  • Latest Bluetooth for easy connection and faster speeds.
  • Easy to use.
  • Australian Support.
  • An updated connector that gives you full access.

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BMW Motorcycle Scan Tool that saves you $ and trips to the dealer – Functions may differ depending on the bike model and equipment. Likewise, the scope of individual control devices is different. The app is constantly under development and number of functions grows with every update.

The following functions are available:

– Identification of the control unit
– Read and clear the trouble codes
– Read Freeze Frames
– Real-time data (sensor parameters, input and output signals)
– Actuators control
– Service interval reset
– ECU coding
– Read and reset adaptations
– Learn new TPMS Modules (Also TPMS Activator needed)

Link to APP:  

Please note: The app is free for the FREE version and then for pro version and features it does have a cost.
Its levels are from $25 – $80 depending on the level you need. Still the cheapest way to access your bike and these dealer style features.

Great tool that allows you to have a BMW motorcycle code reader and a BMW motorcycle service reset tool handy at all times.

Supported BMW motorcycle models

Please note that this device only works on bikes with the 10pin or 16pin diagnostic port.

– K18 (C 600 Sport)
– K19 (C 650 GT)

– K70 (F 700 GS)
– K71 (F 800 S, F 800 ST, F 800 GT)
– K72 (F 650 GS, F 800 GS)
– K75 (F 800 GS Adventure)
– K73 (F 800 R)
– R13 (F 650 GS, GS Dakar)
– K14 (F 650 CS)

– R13 (G 650 GS, G 650 GS Sertao)
– K16 (G 450 X)
– K15 (G 650 Xchallenge, Xmoto, Xcountry)

– K40 (K 1200 S, K 1300 S)
– K43 (K 1200 R. Sport, K 1300 R)
– K44 (K 1200 GT, K 1300 GT)
– K48 (K 1600 GT, K 1600 GL)
– K589 (K 1100 RS, K 1100 LT)
– K589 (K 1200 RS, K 1200 LT)

– K50 (R 1200 GS)
– K51 (R 1200 GS Adventure)
– K52 (R 1200 RT)
– K21 (R nineT)
– K25 (R 1200 GS, R 1200 GS Adventure)
– K26 (R 900 RT, R 1200 RT)
– K27 (R 1200 R)
– K28 (R 1200 ST)
– K29 (R 1200 S, HP2 Sport)
– K30 (R 1200 CL)
– R21 (R 1150 GS, Adventure)
– R22 (R 850 RT, R 1150 RT, R 1150 RS)
– R28 ( R850 R, R 1150 R, Rockster)
– 259C (R 850 C, R 1200 C, Montauk, Independet)
– 259 (R 1100 S, R 1100 RS)

To ensure that this device works with your bike and the functions you are after are supported, you may check on this link as well:

Note that if your bike has an OBD port other than the 10pin or 16pin this cable combo will not work.



Will it work with my BMW motorcycle?
This will work with most BMW motorcycles 1998 and newer that either have the 10pin or 16pin diagnostic port.

My bike does not have the 10 pin plug but has a 16 pin one?
Yes bikes newer than 2017 have gone to a normal 16 Pin plug if this is the case you do not need the cable. As the cable was for older 10 pin bikes. Still handy to have if you have friends with BMW bikes. Note that this scan tool package comes with a 10pin adapter, which is suitable for most BMW bikes. It is prudent you check your OBD port FIRST prior to purchase to confirm the port type. 

Will it work with a iPhone?
No it will not and there are no plans to make it work with a iPhone. We suggest you buy a cheap or 2nd hand Android Tablet or phone. These can cost under $80.

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Image #1 from Brett


Works a treat, does everything I expected 👌

Image #1 from Brett
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  1. quickly found faults and reset. cheaper than taking to dealer will be valuable tool

  2. The scan tool works well with the required level of software. Very happy with quick delivery.

  3. Great product plug and play perfect for the home mechanic

  4. Able to compete favourably with GS911 plus additional features makes it very useful.

  5. Compact and easy to use app

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