BMW INPA OBD2 Cable with Switch


Our BMW INPA cable is a must-have tool for any BMW motor car enthusiast. It allows full diagnostics and coding for a wide range of BMW and Mini models from 2001-2018. This interface cable can perform powerful functions for a wide range of newer BMWs such as diagnostics, adaptions, coding, flash data and more with the INPA/EDIABAS/NCS Expert/Dummy software. See the list of supported models below.

  • Integrated Switch to Easily Switch Between Older and Newer Models
  • The software is available on the internet*
  • Read and Erase Error Codes*
  • Adaptations & Coding
  • High-quality automotive-grade materials
  • Supports a wide range of BMW models from the year 2001-2016
  • 12 Month Warranty.
  • Australian Support*.
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What is INPA and what can it do?

INPA is factory BMW diagnostics software that connects to all the systems and modules on BMW cars not just engine like generic scanners, it reads all BMW trouble codes and gives live diagnostics and data and GUI pages and test functions.
You can perform all the functions that a dealer can and these include things like:

– Scanning all systems and checking/clearing faults.
– Activating new modules installed into your BMW.
– And lots more. A quick google search with what you are trying to do and “INPA” in the term will let you know.

Please see here for a guide on how to install the software needed from Bimmergeeks. 

Software package for the above instructions here at Bimmergeeks.

Or another option: INPA Easy Install 
Video Instructions: INPA Video

BMW Models Supported:

  • E38 7 Series
  • E39 5 Series
  • E46 3 Series
  • E52 Z8 
  • E53 X5
  • E60 E61 E63 E64 E65 E66 E67 E68
  • E70 E71 E72 X5
  • E81 E82 1 Series
  • E83 X3
  • E84 X1
  • E85 E86 Z4
  • E87 E88 1 Series
  • E89 Z4
  • E90 3 Series
  • E91 3 Series
  • E92 3 Series
  • E93 3 Series

Information About the Switch Positions:

  • K-LINE (Far Left Position): Year 2001 – 2007
  • D-CAN (Far Right Position): 3/2007 – 2016


Note that OBD2 Australia will not be held liable for any damage this cable and sofware may cause to your computer or your vehicle. As you are dealing with free, outdated and unsupported software, support will only be provided for the hardware (the cable). Installation and usage of free software and third party guides is at your own risk. We do not provide any activation keys for the software as well. The software links and guides provided are third party, so use these at your own risk. If you need newer versions of the software you can try to find it via external sources online. Again, support is limited for this item and only covers the hardware. No software support will be provided. If the software you acquired does not connect to your vehicle, chances are you have the incorrect or incompatible version, which is NOT indicative of a faulty cable per se. You may need to research first to find out which software version will work for your vehicle. You must also take into account the model year, chassis and the market where your vehicle is released in. Please see product description and limitations before purchasing. If you have any questions do not hesitate to let us know. Returns due to incompatibility will be subject to our returns policy.

29 reviews for BMW INPA OBD2 Cable with Switch

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Image #1 from damian way
Image #2 from damian way
Image #1 from damian way

damian way

Worked a treat downloaded the drivers and followed the video on the install of aux input (biotoxic germany was the easiest to do )and then it magically appeared wooo hoooo

Image #2 from damian way

damian way

Worked a treat downloaded the drivers and followed the video on the install of aux input (biotoxic germany was the easiest to do )and then it magically appeared wooo hoooo

Image #1 from damian way
Image #2 from damian way
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  1. Works perfectly as advertised and saves alot of money in the long run having this cable. It also works with the older round bmw connectors (with the adapter) for models like the e36 and e39 it makes trouble shooting codes and diagnostics as easy as possible

  2. Product is great quality and works perfectly on my E60 and E46 using INPA, ISTA and NCSExpert

  3. Great Product, works perfectly on my BMW E61. Had previously bought a cable on Ebay and it didn’t work, didn’t connect , this cable works perfectly first time, connects flawlessly to INPA. Don’t wast your money on the knock off eBay cables, just buy this one and put it to work!!!

  4. Perfect item, at first I ordered one from China to save money, it didn’t work.. They one I purchased from these reputable guys works perfectly..

  5. Worked perfectly. Quick shipping was also appreciated!

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