Battery Monitor 12V Starter – Direct Stick On


Easily keep an eye on your 12V Lead Starter battery, the vehicle’s cranking and charging system with our stick on battery monitor.

  • Suits 12V Lead Type Starter Batteries
  • 5 LED Lights Indicate Health
  • Tests & Monitor Charging & Cranking System
  • Monitor Battery Temperature
  • Built Tough & Waterproof IP67
  • Easy to install
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Overview: Whats in Kit & Installation

Stick on battery monitor that allows an easy way to keep an eye on your lead type battery, the cars charging system and the power when cranking. Allowing you to quickly pop the bonnet and have a look if the battery is the issue or the charging system. Or helping you pick up a low/failing battery before it gives you issues. 

State Of Health: These are the main 5 LED’s along the top of the device and give you a quick indication of the state of the percentage capacity of the battery. 5 levels show you Great Battery, Good Battery, Charge Battery, Bad Battery, Replace Battery. After first installation the device will make a rough judgment of the SOH after 1 hour result will get better the longer it is used. 

Cranking System: This tests the battery voltage when the car is cranking which gives you a good idea of the battery under load. This will come on red when there is an issue. It will stay on until the engine has been started three times with the cranking voltage being ok.

Charging System: This will come on red when there is an issue with the vehicle charging system. The possibilities are low charging voltage, high charging voltage or high ripple voltage. 

Low Charge: This will come on when there has been low voltage and power for an extended period of time. 

Temp: This will be on if the battery is too hot or too cold. 


– Easy To Install
– Auto Test Cranking & Charging System
– Continuously Monitor State of Charge & Voltage
– Watch Battery Temperature


– Low Power Consumption 2.3mA
– Patented Algorithm
– Working Temp -40 – 80c
– Waterproof IP67
– Reverse Connection Protection

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