12V Battery Monitor Bluetooth Wireless

12V Battery Monitor Bluetooth Wireless

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12V Bluetooth battery monitor that allows you to monitor you battery or multiple batteries (Up to 4) from your phone. See live data from your battery and also preforms cranking test every time you start your vehicle so you can see more in-depth data about your battery than just a basic battery monitor. Data is always graphed so you can view graphs to check on your battery and system connects automatically when you are close so will warn you if any issues with your battery. Completely wireless so all you need to do is connect the monitor to the battery and download the app onto your phone.

  • Works with iPhone & Android
  • Works with up to four batteries (You need one for each battery)
  • Easy to install 5 minute installation
  • Alerts if battery issues to your phone
  • Checks charging and cranking systems
  • Review data in graphs
  • Accurate way to monitor/check your battery and charging system
  • Works with all 12v vehicle batteries

Express Shipping Available = 2 – 3 Days for $9.90
Otherwise Free Shipping = 3 – 8 Days.

Easy Return Policy and Quick Support Always Provided. 

For Normal Flooded Batteries, AGM, GEL etc Choose normal batteries option.
For Lithium Batteries choose lithium battery. 

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Battery Monitor Features:

– Receive notification of battery conditions when enter bluetooth range
– Check starting system and charging system (alternator)
– List the start and end time of each driving cycle
– Alert mobile phone if battery issues
– Review voltage history in graph mode
– Short-circuit and reverse connection protection
– Data stored in device up to 35days if phone does not connect
– Ultra-low power consumption, average current: 1.0 mA
– Connect quickly and easily to battery
– Free app for iOS & Android users
– Compatible with all 12-volt vehicle batteries: Voltage: 9-16V

Battery Monitor App:

Use for: All 12V Vehicle Battery
APP Name: Battery Monitor BM2 (This app is free and will do 1 battery)
For multiple batteries you will need the App BM3 this app costs $14.99
(ios Multi-Battery Monitor) 

BM2 App Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dc.battery.monitor2&hl=en_AU
BM3 App Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dc.bm3&hl=en

BM2 App Apple: https://apps.apple.com/au/app/battery-monitor-bm2/id1115492033
BM3 App Apple: https://apps.apple.com/au/app/multi-battery-monitor/id1345741752


Multi-Battery Monitor by dacheng

Multi-Battery Monitor by dacheng

Multi-Battery Monitor by dacheng


How do I install this? 
Installation is straight forward you just need to connect the modules cables to the positive and negative terminals of your battery. Then you can stick the unit to the side of the battery or where else you want it. Then download the app and follow instructions.

Will it warn me if there is an issue?
Yes it will. You will get a notification on your phone if there is a issue with the battery this could be low voltage when starting the engine or a issue with the charging system it will let you know.

How does it connect each time?
As it is the latest bluetooth it means that you can have multiple devices hooked to your phone. So as long as you have the bluetooth turn on your phone then when you get with 5-10m of your car it will automatically connect and update data into the app.

Can it help me find issues with battery?
Yes handy unit to have as it graphs your battery voltage so allows you to check what is going on and if there is a issue with your battery or maybe there is something that is discharging the battery that is causing the issue.

Additional information

Battery Type

Normal Batteries, Lithium Batteries

2 reviews for 12V Battery Monitor Bluetooth Wireless

  1. Fred

    Easy to install and use, all the info you need, also for multiple units (no need to buy an app for multiple devices). Fairly short leads, but okay.

  2. Neil

    Easy to use and connect. It’s a great thing to have for dual Battery set ups

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