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This scanner is not compatible with Bluetooth devices that are not running V4.0 and above. 

This scanner is best for use with mobile phones and tablets running Android or iOS. It can be hit or miss on some headunits due to Bluetooth firmware issues.

Note that this scanner may not pair or connect on newer Samsung devices (2020+) running on BT 5.0 due to some software and firmware issues on these mobile devices. A troubleshooting guide can be found HERE. in cases where it refuses to connect still despite following the guide provided, it is not an indication that the OBD2 device is faulty and returns will be subject to our refund policy. The guide provided above is third-party and OBD2 Australia is not liable for any issues or damage it can cause to your device. 

***This device may need to be replugged on and off a vehicle’s OBD2 port to wake it up if it goes into low power mode and if it does not connect automatically. This is standard for our OBD2 ELM327 Bluetooth device, and is not an indicator of a faulty scanner. Alternatively, you may need to unpair the device from Bluetooth settings, restart your phone/device, pair again then connect in app to get it working, if you choose not to plug and unplug. 

If this device fails to work on your mobile device but works on another, it means the problem lies with the mobile device that it failed to work with, and not with the scanner. Note that mobile device settings and firmware may cause this to not work and that they are  very variable. Multiple factors can cause this and this does not indicate a fault with the scanner. 

There are issues using this BT 4.0 ELM327 device on newer iOS devices (running iOs 12-13) due to some iOS privacy restrictions/settings, on Car Scanner ELM OBD2 or on some OBD2 scan apps. This is a software related issue and NOT hardware or an issue with the scanner nor is it automatically faulty. Using an older iOS device or Android will make it work.

Note that app or device firmware related issues are not covered by warranty or your consumer rights on this item as they are third party and not sold nor are a product of OBD2 Australia. 

*Batteries may or may not last up to two years on some units (depending on use and battery condition). Batteries not covered by the product warranty. These are FREE batteries and are pre-installed before the product gets to you. This means that even when not in use they can have a tendency to discharge and in the event that the batteries are flat on the sensors, you may need to replace them. OBD2 Australia will not replace batteries or sensors just because its battery has gone flat.

*Some Caravan/Trailer setups may need a repeater. This all depends on your set-up (length, obstacles etc.). If you are experiencing sensor drop-outs on a Caravan/Trailer set-up (even if within operating range) with this unit then a repeater may be necessary. The performance of this unit is subjective on Caravan/Trailer set-ups. It may work on some and not on others. OBD2 Australia suggests getting the repeater compatible version just incase a repeater is needed. 

*A +/- 10° or +/- 1-2 psi is to be expected from data readouts.

**5th tyre/spare data is not displayed real time as the display only has room for four main sensor. If an issue with the 5th tyre/spare comes up, the display will automatically scroll to that. There is currently no option to force the display to show the 5th tyre/spare data when there are no issues with it.

*Spare batteries only available on SKU: TPMSS4. 

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