OBD2 Scan Tools for the Car Enthusiast and Home Mechanic

Why you need an OBD2 scan tool!

OBD2 Scan Tools - Common Question

  • Are they easy to use?

    Yes they are easy to use for anyone. There are two basic types:

    Handheld – This is a stand alone unit so you do not need anything else for it to work and it powers itself from the OBD2 plug in your car. Great for people who are not to tech savy.

    Device – This are OBD2 scan tools that connect to a mobile or tablet device. They can connect to android or iOS devices and use WiFi or Bluetooth to connect. These offer more options as you can use a number of different apps and create things like custom dashboards etc.

  • Will it work with my car?

    If you are in Australia and your car is between 2005-2010 then on 99% of cars they will work. There are a couple cars where this is not the case but it is not that common. If you car is newer than 2010 then they will work on all these vehicles.

OBD2 Scan Tools we suggest for the DIY Person

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